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Consider This Detailed Guide To Exhaust System For Your Car

Being a car lover, you fall for yours because of its performance capabilities. Whether it is a Jaguar or any other supercar, you always want it to be perfectly tuned and in proper working condition. To maintain your vehicle in you should consider upgrading its systems from time to time. Even a little improvement can also bring a huge difference in both the appearance and the performance of your car, truck or SUV.

Especially any upgrades to a Jaguar exhaust system may involve installing larger pipes, low-restriction mufflers and low resonators for louder and cleaner sounds. These exhaust systems not only serves to filter and remove impurities or muffle the sound of your engine but also directly related to the power you get from your engine. With a custom modified exhaust, you can free up trapped torque and build horsepower.

There are many pros and cons of an exhaust system that are always necessary for you to consider before making any big decisions:

• Pros:

o It frees up some of the power in your engine allowing for a quicker and more efficient path for the exhaust gases to escape. This benefits your engine to breathe better and therefore leading towards creating more power.

o Another benefit of the new and upgraded exhaust system is the more aggressive exhaust notes. A few exhaust systems are purposively known for delivering deep and aggressive rumble that’s typically found on high-end sports cars.

• Cons:

o The first and foremost drawback of purchasing or upgrading the exhaust system is the price tag that accompanies it. But this con is usually acceptable by many car lovers because of the huge power and style boost that a performance exhaust delivers. Another con is the time it takes to install an exhaust.

While making purchases for your vehicle choose from the best performance exhaust systems as it is an essential part of your vehicle because it can improve torque, horsepower and the gas mileage of your vehicle. Let’s have a look at the following type of exhaust:

• Single side exhaust- This exhaust type has only one exhaust pipe located on one side of the car. The pipe for such an exhaust is located at the back of the back wheel on the passenger side. It is the less expensive type of exhaust and generally provides lesser horsepower.

• Dual rear exit exhaust- This exhaust type has two pipes located in the same part of the vehicle. It provides louder sound and lesser restrictions on your supercar’s exhaust systems. With this type the pipes are located beneath the bumper and are not bent around the rear wheels. This exhaust looks far better than all the other types.

• Opposite side dual exhaust- This one is slightly different from those discussed above, but it provides same sound and performance. For this exhaust, the two pipes wrap around on each side of the rear wheels. This is perfectly suitable for trucks or cars that often tow other vehicles. The pipes are generally made of stainless steel.

• Axle back exhaust- This isn’t the best performance exhaust, but it sounds like it is. It basically gives the illusion of having power because of the sound it puts out. Even the people with less mechanical knowledge can fit this exhaust into the car. The chrome peaks out from the back of the car look very good.

• Cat-back exhaust- It refers to the entire system going back from the catalytic to a converter. These exhausts were created to take advantage of the catalytic converter and then open up the exhaust to dual pipes. If you are among those seeking the best performance exhaust then opt for a cat-back exhaust for your vehicle.

• Turbo back exhaust- This exhaust type is different from the cat-back exhaust in the sense that it goes from the turbocharger outlet all the way back. As per the results of many tests, the turbo back system can be the best performance exhaust giving greater torque and more peak power. The midrange power of the cat-back is a little higher. After considering all things, it is found that the turbo back charger seems to be the best performance exhaust.

Thus, always make sure that you consider changing or upgrading the old exhaust system to Milltek exhaust System for Jaguar if you also wish to improve its performance and keep it well-maintained and in proper working condition. A well-maintained and well-performing vehicle is the one that every person dreams of.

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