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Easy 7-Step Korean Skin Care Routine

Everyone, especially Filipinos, has noticed how Koreans have such clean and clear skin. We know the examples we regularly see are actors and singers that are required to have good features, but even then how can their skin look that good? Koreans revealed their age-old secret and the whole world is just catching up to their skincare game.

The typical Korean skincare routine involves a 10-step process of cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. It’s a meticulous process that adds up prep time to go to work or just to sleep. We narrowed down the essential steps and to the convenience of buying the products needed. If you want to step up your routine, we give you an easy Korean skincare routine you can follow!

1. Use a cleanser
This step isn’t something new, this is a basic step in the skin care process. Washing your face with a simple cleaner can rid your face of all the dirt, smoke, and oil you get when you’re outside.

2. Dab some toner
Using a toner will open up your pores to remove any stubborn dirt left and prepare it to absorb the next products you’ll be using. Korean actually pour a little toner in their hands and softly dab or slap some into their face to “wake up” the skin.

3. Moisturize your skin
You can use just a small portion to cover up your skin with some nourishment especially after you’ve opened up your pores and dried the oily areas. This should be done especially after using strong products.

4. Add essence
This step is the top priority in the Korean skincare routine. These so-called essences come in small packaging that is full of concentrated oils and nutrients that can seep into the skin and make it smoother and healthier.

5. Treat your skin
This step is where you use specific products that can treat your skin to a specific need like a spot treatment, wrinkles, or blackheads. You can use face masks or clay, different oils and other treatments you want.

6. Use sunscreen
The sun emits harmful rays that can cause your skin to discolor or have sun spots, to avoid this regularly use sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 to protect and keep your skin looking fair and fresh.

7. Remove your make up
Like the first step, this is not a new step in taking care of your face. No matter how tired or sleepy you get, don’t forget to remove makeup with a remover or micellar water to prevent breakouts and dirt build up.

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