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How to Perform WMA Recovery

WMA - Windows Media Audio, is a new audio format equivalent to MP3 format, and the compression ratio, as well as the sound quality exceed the MP3. It was launched by Microsoft and supported by most music players. We tend to keep our music files (WMA, MP3, AAC, etc) on memory card, USB or external hard drive. But things are unpredictable, files can be permanently lost if something goes wrong with the device.

There are several cases when you should perform WMA recovery: Sometimes hard drive doesn’t work or got corrupted due to virus attack or malfunction. And you may accidentally delete files or format memory card without any backup. It’s a situation that puts us into a state of panic, but it may be possible to recover deleted WMA files.

How To Do
The first rule of data recovery is not to save anything new. Because lost files can be restored with recovery software only if they are not overwritten by new data, even files on a formatted hard drive can be retrieved. Except for RePicvid, you can also use the free Recuva to recover deleted WMA files.

How to Use WMA Recovery Software (Recuva) on Windows/Mac
Step 1. Connect memory card or USB drive to computer. Launch the software, choose Music and target disk to scan.

Step 2. Start a quick scan to the disk you selected. Warm tip: The scanning time depends on size and condition of target disk, you should wait patiently during this period.

Step 3. After the scan stops, it will list all deleted audio files on the card or USB. Preview the deleted files on by one and choose those you need to recover.

Preventive Measures for Preventing Data Loss
1.The most prescient way to avoid data loss is to back them up in different devices or upload them to cloud account. Another similar proverb warns do not put all your eggs in one basket.
2.Correctly plug or eject memory card or USB after each use. This not only ensures that data is stored well, but also extends the service life of device.
3.Protect the card or hard drive from dust and water.

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