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What Causes Hemorrhoids and How to Treat Piles Naturally?

Hemorrhoids commonly known as Piles are blood vessels located in the smooth muscles of the walls of the rectum and anus which helps in stool control. It becomes an abnormal condition when swelling occurs due to the increase in the pressure in the small vessels that make up the hemorrhoid causing them to swell and engorge with blood. So, the hemorrhoid is categorized by bleeding, intense pain and difficulty in bowel movement.

What causes hemorrhoids?

There are so many causes of hemorrhoids and you should aware of it. There are so many veins around the anus and they tend to stretch under pressure. These stretched veins may swell or bulge and these swollen veins are known as hemorrhoids. Increased pressure in lower rectum can be the main cause of it. This can be due to pregnancy, obesity, low fiber diet, anal intercourse, sitting for longer time on toilet, straining during bowel movements and much more.

The main symptoms of the problem include swelling around anus, lump near anus, discomfort, pain, irritation, itching in anal region, painless bleeding during bowel movement and much more.

You should treat piles naturally. There are so many natural products available in the market to get rid of this painful problem. You should be aware of such natural remedies, products and herbal supplements.

There are several herbal remedies available for treating piles and they are adopted by people as it does not have any side effects and completely safe for the body.

• Triphala is the nature’s best source of vitamin C and helps in the free radical scavenging leading to the detoxification of the body which helps in treating piles.

• Horse chestnut is also a very effective herb used to treat hemorrhoids as it helps strengthen blood vessels. It also lowers the itching and burning sensation that is caused by hemorrhoids. Therefore, it is a very good herbal treatment for hemorrhoids.

• The herb Butcher’s broom shows positive results immensely in the healing process of pain.

• Eat high fiber food: You need to include more whole grains, vegetables and fruits to your daily diet. It helps soften stool and increases its bulk.

• Pilesgon capsules: these are herbal capsules that are designed to deal with such problems. This is herbal product so you will not face any side or ill effect throughout the period you consume it. You can take one or two capsules in a day regular for 3-4 months in order to get effective results. It has to be taken care to use the herbs that are suitable for the body and avoid further complications of the body.

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