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Does Google Penalise Websites? Powered By Dodigital.

Does Google Penalise Websites? Powered By Do Digital:

Google penalty:

You probably know the penalties in professional sports
Google's penalties are very similar to sports penalties. At its core, they are designed to punish sites that have done something wrong. These penalties are not always manually distributed, and they can affect sites created by those who had no idea what they did wrong but can still greatly affect a site's performance in search results - and moreover.

Google penalty is trouble:

A Google penalty means that your site is no longer listed in the search results or that it's ranking for your specific keywords has dropped dramatically. When your site receives a penalty from Google, your target audience cannot find it. And when you are invisible to your target audience, your traffic, and ultimately the revenue, drops.
It can happen with any website. A Google penalty may be the result of well-intentioned and honest efforts to improve the ranking of your site. But once you get a penalty from Google, it's not easy to get your good rankings back and get back to Google's good graces.
The webpage can help you recover from a Google penalty. We have a dedicated team that will review your site and creates the necessary changes to put you on top of search engine results again. You have not received a penalty from Google, but you want to be safe? Our specialized internet marketers are aware of Google's ever-changing algorithms so your site is always in good condition and does not risk leaving the search results.
As a leading Google penalty recovery service, we know what search engines like to see. Our penalty recovery service is designed specifically to get you back in Google's good graces so your site can appear in search results and your business can continue to grow.

Learn "Why do sites get a Google penalty?" From Best Digital Marketing Training Company in Hyderabad :

The job of Google is to provide the most relevant search results. From Google's point of view, any site that tries to manipulate search results is hurting Google's product. Google would not be Google if it returned useless results, or gave its users a negative experience, did not it?
A Google penalty is the result of a highly evolved and ever-changing algorithm that Google uses to track and inspect websites. While there are some specific actions that may result in immediate penalties issued by a Google employee, there are others that are not publicly advertised or some that may result in a reduction in rankings that happens over time. This is to protect Google from websites by trying to harass you or even manipulate your results.

Google penalty triggers BY:

To ensure that your site does not receive a penalty from Google, make sure your site does not have:
adware or viruses
Hidden links or text
Cloaking (displaying a different version of a web page for search engine robots)
Misleading redirects (when a visitor is automatically taken to another page without clicking anything) Pages loaded with irrelevant keywords
Keyword completion.


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