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How to Pick That Perfect Wedding Bouquet

Online boutiques often feature a medley of wedding bouquets which are bound to spruce up that special day you’ve been waiting a lifetime for. But before you get started, how do you pick that perfect wedding bouquet that is bound to bring a smile on your beloved’s lips? As it turns out, there are several things you must take note of, especially when you are shopping online.

1. Establish a Proper Budget.

Firstly, it would be wise to establish a proper budget and set enough aside to procure the flower of your choice. Theoretically, floral displays and arrangements, centerpieces and bouquets usually take up at least 10% of overall wedding costs. This is excluding the fact that bouquet prices largely depend on the number of floral arrangements required and the type of flowers being ordered.

2. Find a Suitable Florist.

Once the budget for the wedding bouquet has been set aside, your next step would be to find a suitable florist. Your best bet is to dig up listings of popular florists around your locale and scour through multiple online reviews to find out if that is the florist meant for you.If you’re still hovering over a florist’s listing in indecision, then the wisest course of action would be to try and get in touch with the florist personally or even speak to previous customers of the florist in question. If a florist has an overall positive response from previous customers – especially couples, then you might want to peg them down as a suitable candidate to help plan those splendid floral arrangements and graceful wedding bouquet you’ve desired for your special day.

Remember, each florist has their own unique uptake and style on crafting wedding bouquets and floral arrangements, so choose wisely!

3. Pick and Match!

Once you’ve selected the proper florist who will inarguably create exquisite wedding bouquets that makes your toes curl inwards in giddy glee, the next step would be to pick a bouquet that matches the theme and style of your wedding. The most important bit is to make sure the bouquet complements the wedding gown of the bride. For example, if you have planned to wear a wedding gown with a long train, then you could take a chance and display a more dramatic, trailing bouquet.

Be sure to also color-coordinate the selected wedding bouquet with your dress. Most importantly, order an online wedding bouquet that comprises flowers which appeals to your personal taste. Pick blooms that make you glow from the inside-out – this is your day, after all, and indulge in as much personal delight as you wish!

4. Select Flowers That are In-Season.

Not all the flowers you see in those exquisite wedding bouquets online are available all year long. Most flowers are available during certain parts of the year only and might be costly to obtain if you order them when they’re out of season. Therefore, it is crucial for you to do a little bit of homework before you select a medley of blooms online. Some blooms will also be heavily taxed, so don’t overstrain your budget.

If you’re out of luck and cannot find that gorgeous flower you’ve been dying to have on your wedding day, don’t fret just yet. Many of the flowers you have your covetous gaze upon will have similar look-alikes, some of which are indistinguishable from the original set of blooms you’ve always wanted. You can use these look-alikes instead and still have a blissful wedding.

5. Personalise Your Bouquet.

Once you’ve already secured your wedding bouquet from a good online source, your final step would be to personalize it. Personalising a bouquet is a way of making a memento of it, and to ensure it brings sweet memories of your blessed day. One way of personalizing a bouquet is by using a family heirloom such as an antique brooch to be pinned at the stem of the bouquet. You could also work something unique into the bouquet such as embedding trails of lace and pearls amidst the blooms and stem.

Personalisation can also be cultural and symbolic, such as the addition of tassels which is used extensively in the Chinese culture during weddings.
Overall, tying the knot with your beloved ultimately takes precedence. But for a momentous occasion which requires exemplary planning, always be sure to pick that perfect wedding bouquet by reputable boutiques.

Simply Blooms is an online floral store with its main office located in Singapore. They specialize in designing sophisticated bouquets that touch the heart and soul of its recipients. They utilize all types of flowers from Red Kenyan Roses to Baby’s Breath and pay attention to even the finest detail such as the type of fabric in their flower stands and the type of paper used to wrap their bouquets.


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