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What Is The Meaning Of Motor Part Warranty In A Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fans have been there in our lives since quite a long time and they are here to stay. These devices are the prime shield that we have against the heat during summers in our country. These devices are convenient to operate and these are not only cheaper to buy but also inexpensive to use. while the developed countries have shifted towards more sophisticated methods of air conditioning which are much more advanced as well, the developing countries due to their incapability in terms of capital are stuck with fan to ward off the heat.

Fans have evolved and due to constant experimentation and research they have undergone many changes in design and fabrication since they were first introduced for the general public.

These devices have now been demarcated into many types, a few of which include:
• Pedestal fans
• Exhaust fans
• Ceiling fans
• Table fans
• Wall mounted fans

Not only this the ceiling fans have also evolved and they are available with different number of blades as per the requirement of the place where they are to be installed. As the blades increase the intensity of airflow varies and this makes all the difference.

Although ceiling fans have been there for the major part of our lives and would still be there for many years to come but rarely do people know completely about them. Many people don’t even know about the basic working of the fan as to how the fan actually does the job which it does. The working of the stator and the winding on the stator part is hardly known by many. Not only this what is the function of blades in various fan s and why the different designs of the fan is a very big question for many even for the people who have a technical background.

One big part which confuses the major portion of the customers is the part where the warranty details are mentioned. The part where warranty is mentioned is confusing to many people because it has a definite terminology which only people who know specifically about or have heard about earlier would understand. The warranty details about the fan includes two different types of warranty, one is the shorter period warranty on the complete part or the body of the fan which includes the manufacturing defects or any shortcoming which happened due to incompetency of the company. It does not cover any defects developed on grounds of mishandling by customer.

The second portion that mostly confuses the customer is the longer period warranty or the motor part warranty. This warranty coves the motor parts and it means that any problems developed in the motor parts during this definite warranty period due to defect in material or the workmanship or the manufacturing of the parts by the company. This warranty only covers the parts manufactured by the company like it does not cover the electronics portion as it is not generally made by the fan company they are purchased from elsewhere and assembled in the fan factory. These components come under the shorter period warranty cover. The rest of the motor parts which include the winding on the stator, the stator itself, the rotor etc are covered in the motor part warranty and these being the major working parts of the fans are covered in the longer period warranty on grounds of shortcoming on behalf of the company which led to the development of the problems. The warranty does not cover any defects developed due to the mishandling done on the customer’s part.


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