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Word press for beginners – a simple guide to get started

Word press is a Content management system (CMS) which is basically an open source platform for website creation written in PHP. It is a widely trusted and popular CMS currently prevailing in the market. However, this CMS is not solely centered on the use of PHP and it requires the use of other programming languages as well, namely the HTML, CSS and javascript which are combined to bring a responsive website into existence.
A briefing of core languages

PHP – It is basically a server side scripting language which is responsible for how every element interacts in the word press. It is the core language of word press with which many impressive functions can be created.

CSS – The second language, which is responsible for styling your website, is the CSS. Basically, the CSS is responsible for how your site would appear to the end users. Though a styling language, it can be quite difficult to learn and gain expertise and that is why a majority of the population choose to opt for word press development services instead of developing a website on their own.

Javascript – In simple words, the javascript (JS) is a programming language, which allows the implementation of some complex elements on the web pages. The JS is responsible for the interactive maps, 2D/ 3D graphics and the display of constant content update on a web page.

Beginning with theme development

The first step involved in word press development is the theme development. On an entry level, most of the beginners get involved in theme development. It helps to gain a better understanding and implication of the above-mentioned languages through practical implementation.

Getting involved with plugin development

The second thing to learn after theme development is the plugin development. This is something to get involved with only when you have sufficient knowledge and expertise for the same. For the beginners, it is highly advised to learn the basics first and then put their hands on plugin development because it is suitable only for those who have past PHP experienced and are quite knowledgeable about the framework.

Resources for word press development

Online tutorials – The best cost efficient method for beginners is to go for online word press tutorials, which will help you, gain a deeper insight of the process but can be a bit tricky for a beginner.

Online forums – The WordPress community is always there to support the fellow developers and there are multiple forums for assistance when one gets stuck. These forums are the perfect place to get all the answers to your development related issues.

Note for site owners

If you are a site owner or want a website for yourself then it would be better to hire a web development company. The reason is the complicated process, which requires practice and time to master the web development skills. There are many WordPress development companies, which will carry out the entire process for you and provide you with the final website.

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