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Help Your Kids To Plan And Organize Things

• Break down tasks into chunks: When you get your kids to take on projects at home, school or anywhere, help them navigate their work by breaking it down into smaller tasks. Then teach them how to prioritise by understanding what needs to be done first.
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• Teach them to make checklists and to-do lists: This will really help them throughout their lives. Teach them to create check-lists for every broken-downtask. Get them to make a to-do list every day, until their project reaches completion. This will teach them how planning can save them from getting overwhelmed with work. This will also teach them how to manage multitasking.

• Help them use a calendar: Get them to put their tasks in a digital or paper calendar, assigning days for every activity. Get them to check against the calendar, every time they finish the tasks. This will help them assess how much time they need to finish a certain work and will help them plan better the next time.

• Teach them time-management skills: Using a calendar to track their work and then assessing how to assign time to every task will help them understand time management. Do teach them how to back plan everything.

• Help them establish daily routines: We are all creatures of habit, especially kids. Nothing works with kids like consistency does; this is the first rule of elementary teaching. Therefore, help them create daily schedules, so they know what to expect throughout the day.

• Have fun with color-coding: Kids learn how to use excel at school these days. My nephews knows how to format his excel sheets better than I do. He even teaches me a formula or two! Teach them how to use color-coding to help plan their tasks better!

• Create a conductive work environment: Teach them how they can get a lot done when they work in a quiet, conducive work space. It could be a table or any quiet, comfortable corner in your home.

• Help them stay ahead of time: Get them to assess their work every day so that they can stay ahead of the time.

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Use these tips to help your kids become ace planners and organizers. If you have any specific queries, do not hesitate to reach out to us!


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