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Water Purifier vs. Water Filter: Which Is Better?

Many consumers are confused when it comes to the differences between water filters and water purifiers. Some companies use the terms interchangeably, which make it even more confusing.

In fact, there are major differences between the two when it comes to how they remove unwanted elements in the water for drinking purpose.

Water Filters
Water filters such as Toray water filter helps its users to remove or reduce impurities in the water, such as chemical contaminants (for example, chlorine, lead, mercury, magnesium, chromium, copper, nickel, iron, hydrogen sulfide etc) to ensure it’s safe to drink.

For instance, a famous water filter system named ‘Torayvino’ also possess the similar function, such as inhibiting further development of bacteria, algae and fungi, although this should not be considered the end-solution in the removal of bacteria and viruses in the water.

**The Toray water filter mentioned above is however, not suitable for industrial use. It is mostly suitably used by households for drinking and cooking. Since tap water might contain harmful bacteria that can cause diseases, Toray water filter helps to protect households from being infected by diseases through the intake of unfiltered water.

Water Purifiers
Purified water is water that goes through a water purifier and free from bacterial contaminants and viruses. However, a water purifier does not remove chemical contaminants like what a water filter does.

For example, through the usage of a water purifier, such as Toray water purifier, users are protected from harmful diseases that are caused by the bacteria and viruses in the water. However, the purified water might still contain chemical contaminants.

And that is why water filtration and water purification systems are often being used alongside.

Choosing which is better
For most homeowners who are continuously concerned with the hygiene and quality of water that they drink and cook with, combining the use of water purifiers and water filter helps to ensure a constant supply of the healthiest water.

For most households, a water filtration system such as Toray water filters and Torayvino water purifiers are a great option.

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