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Important Facts on Litigation Finance for Plaintiffs

The moment you are faced with a situation where you must go through a lawsuit, it is essential to consider your financial position. If you are in a strong financial position, you might go through the process of litigation without any financial pressures. However, if you are not in a strong financial position, you should consider litigation finance and might have to apply for lawsuit funding. Before getting such financing, it is essential to understand how litigation funding works.

Understanding Litigation Financing

Most people might confuse litigation finance with the process of going to a bank and obtaining a loan. This is not the case because you will get financing depending on the merits of your lawsuit. Litigation financing is given to you because your case is likely to come to a conclusion so that you receive a settlement. In other words, the cash advance you are given is an investment and they do not exactly give you a loan based on your credit worthiness or on any collateral you might have. There is a huge element of risk involved in litigation financing and this is why these companies invest in the lawsuit and not in the plaintiff.

Getting Your Money’s Worth in Litigation

The companies try to look at the substance in a case. Even so, cases that appear to be very solid can still end up getting a negative judgement where the plaintiff is not awarded anything. If the companies determine that a litigation case has a good chance of concluding with a monetary award, they will be willing to finance the plaintiff. Insurance companies can be crafty when dealing with plaintiffs. They might delay settlement in order to get the plaintiff to settle for a lower amount. When plaintiffs have financial difficulties, it can be easy to fall for this trap.

Why Get Lawsuit Financing?

Lawsuit financing helps individuals to avoid this ploy by helping them remain in good financial footing. Another reason why litigation finances are important is because access to the legal justice system requires sufficient financial ability. Too many litigants end up abandoning their cases despite how solid the case might be. This is because they are unable to seek legal redress due to the high costs associated with lawsuits. Money remains a huge impediment for many despite the fact that they might have a very compelling. Companies that provide finances for litigants help in bridging this financial gap.


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