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7 Simple Ways to Improve Your SEO

It’s not impossible to improve your search engine optimization. It isn’t easy either, however, it can be done with a few simple tweaks to your content. Here are seven simple ways to improve your SEO in just a few minutes each day.
1.Write better titles/headlines – Blog post titles and article headlines are some of he most important elements on your web pages. Not only do they clue readers in on what your content is about, but search engine spiders pick up on keywords to determine how to rank those pages. Spend a little extra time coming up with great headlines and page titles.
2.Share your content on social media – And I don’t just mean post it on Facebook either. Yes, do that. But put it out there on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ too. When you do share your links, tag someone you know who is influential and would like to read that content. Don’t ask them to share it. Just share it with them and let them do the rest. If it’s good content, it will get more shares.
3.Use subheads – Break up your content into sections and write optimized subheaders above each section of content. Those subheads are like mini-headlines.
4.Build some links to it – You don’t have to spend hours a day link building. Just do some guest blogging or post articles in other places around the Web. When you do, link back to the articles on your website or blog, but do it discreetly. In other words, don’t draw attention to the fact that you’re linking to your own content.
5.Build internal links – Internal links are some of the best links you can build. That’s when you link from one page to another page on your website. Promote your own content. It works.
6.Include images – Images are another great way to optimize your content. For every image you post with your content, add an alt tag with keywords in it. Don’t stuff keywords. Just a one sentence description of the image with your keyword in it is enough.
7.Ask people to share your content and link to it – Don’t beg. Just send a quick e-mail to a few people you know in your niche and ask them to share your content. You’ll be surprised how many people will actually do it. Bloggers will even blog about your content. But don’t get upset if they don’t. You’re simply providing them an opportunity. Let them decide what to do with it.
All it takes to improve your SEO each day is a little bit of time and a plan.

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