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4 Smart Solutions to Overcome the Balding Distress

“People often consider me to be in my 40s, when I am only 34 years old. And why won’t they? After all I do look much older. Look at the amount of hair left on my head” said Nishant with a big sigh to his friend. Can you relate to Nishant’s distress? Today we see a lot of young men getting obese, depressed or bald at much younger age.

The reason could be anything from an illness to smoking or even mental stress. Hair loss is seen as a prominent sign of ageing in men, but unfortunately today we see a lot of young men in their late 20s or early 30s losing a significant amount of hair. The most common type of hair loss in men is known as male pattern thinning. It is an irreversible progressive disorder where the hair loss occurs at the temples. At the final stage only a band of hair is left at the back side with rest of the head appearing bald. Eventually some men lose all of hair and appear totally bald. People who lose hair and start showing scalp often appear older than their actual age. If you are one of them and are too concerned about your look try one of the smart ways described below to cover your baldness.

1. Sport the look

Going bald has almost become a fashion trend today. From sportsman to Hollywood stars, many celebrities flaunt the bald look. Following the trend many men of all ages like to sport the bald look and hence shave their heads. Some men even think that bald looks make them appear more mature. So, if you are losing your hair and are almost becoming bald, take your call and go for a total bald look if you can carry it well.

2. Cover your head with style

Caps, turbans, scarfs, wigs, and more! There are several ways you can hide your bald head under trendy and fashionable head covering that become your own style statement. If you decide, you can change the way the baldness or hair loss is viewed by others.

3. Go for surgical hair transplant

Hair transplant is one of the most effective solutions to solve the problem of hair loss or baldness permanently. Few years ago, hair transplant procedure was not available in India and so going to foreign country to get this procedure done was a costly affair. However, some special trichology clinics now offer professional hair transplant services in India. The hair surgery for hair transplant is a skilful procedure and hence should be done only at professional hair clinic from a trichologist who is well-experienced. The surgical hair transplant is performed using two different techniques Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Although both the procedures assure hair regrowth at bald patches, it shows variation in the surgical process. FUT involves making a deep incision on the scalp at the donar area to remove a strip of skin containing the hair follicular unit. This procedure leaves a deep scar on the scalp that takes 10 to 12 days to heal. On the other hand, FUE procedure uses a special tool to extract the follicle unit and leaves only small puncture like red dot at the hair base. FUE treatment is less invasive as compared to the incision or FUT treatment.

4. Wear a wig

If you are bald and don’t want to sport the look or go for transplant you can definitely try a wig. Many cosmetic and hair product brands offer wigs in different style. In fact some hair clinics have introduced permanent scalp covers that can camouflage the bald patches on head. The hair used in these wigs can be real human hair that is processed with chemical treatments. These wigs can be attached using clips or specially designed tapes that adhere to skin for a few days. Some special wigs come with a special attachment solution where you need not remove the wigs for several weeks.


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