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Know the Signs that Indicate You Are Already 2 Weeks Pregnant!

Pregnancy makes a woman take a stroll to MOTHERHOOD, a new phase of life!

The initial days, when one is 1 or 2 weeks pregnant, are usually tough to understand or realize. Though it is difficult, but not impossible! There are some significant signs and symptoms that indicate if there is a new life budding inside your womb.

Signs that indicate ‘You are pregnant’!

To be honest, this might not be the best feeling in your body, but your emotions will stay charmed as soon as you get to know about your pregnancy. So, tally if you are facing the following symptoms and break the good news!

You missed your periods

It has been your due date, but your menstrual cycle didn’t hit you yet. This is when you should go for a pregnancy test at home. There are kits available where you need to put your urine sample, and you will get to know!

Tip: If you find the result positive, then do go for a doctor’s consultation.

Experiencing bloating

The digestion process technically slows down as soon as you start expecting. By the time you are 2 weeks pregnant, the digestion process is pretty slow, and bloating is an outcome of it.

Frequent urination

No, it is not any bladder problem; rather pregnancy is making you take frequent trips to the bathroom.

Breast enlargement and tenderness

Again, the hormone speaks. As soon as the fetus attaches to the uterine wall, the body starts preparing for breast feeding. So, this breast soreness is quite natural.

Nausea and vomiting tendency

Though the appropriate term for this is morning sickness, it remains throughout the day! There is a sudden jolt inside the body that produces an uncanny feeling in the gut. So, ask for some medication only after consulting with a doctor.

Experiencing constant fatigue

You will feel tired even when you are simply lying down and not doing anything. This is because; the body requires a lot of energy to grow a fetus. When you are 2 weeks pregnant, it is very important to eat healthily!

You have an increased body temperature

No, you are not running a fever; rather, the basal body temperature remains elevated. There is nothing to worry about as it is quite natural.

So, these were a few signs and symptoms to identify that you have already conceived. Now, there are some other things to put up on your checklist when you are aware being 2 weeks pregnant.

- Go for an ovulation test and consult a doctor.

- Keep having fresh food with minerals and vitamins

- Do not smoke, drink or take any drug.

- For any medication, consult your doctor first.

- Prepare for the next eight months.

There is no doubt that the days of pregnancy can be physically tiresome; but at the same time, there are moments of sheer joy and excitement. Among these, one such exciting thing is deciding baby names.

Though you are not sure of the gender yet, you can certainly plan for the unexpected! This means you need some guidance in picking the correct name. So, here you go with some tips!

5 pro tips to choose a baby name:

1. In the flick of the moment!

You are 2 weeks pregnant and just got to know it. The moment you heard the news, you just knew it’s a Henry or Olivia or anything. The name that you decide on the flick of a moment always works like magic!

2. Baby books

As a ‘would be mother’, you are already doing a lot; so, it is time to involve the father too. Both of you sit with a baby book and start deciding on the name!

3. Family Legacy

Your baby will be a loving junior, so name your child after the favorite person.

4. Cartoon!

Those names are always adorable and famous too! And somehow, it suits your baby perfectly!

5. Give it some time

If you think you need some more time, it’s okay. You don’t have to decide it in a hurry and be it any name; it will surely be special!

There is a lot to do and decide once you get to know you are 2 weeks pregnant. It’s best to start making a checklist and enjoy the amazing nine months of wait.

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