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How To Retrieve Emails Sent By Mistake? Undo It In

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Are you worried about sent email that gone wrong? If you had sent an Email to the wrong person on Gmail then don’t worry we are here to give you some tips which can easily help you retrieve your email on Gmail.

Nowadays Email is an important medium to send a document within some seconds.

Every Email account has a unique email id or address. When we want to send an email a person that time we have to input the email id or address but sometimes this email ids create complicated situations.

Because if you input a single wrong keyword in email address then the email will go to the wrong person. It is very dangerous but it will more dangerous if that email is very confidential, even if you block those emails the mails will not be removed from their inbox.

If you are going through the same condition, then don’t get panic; just follow the steps which can help you to understand how to retrieve emails in Gmail if you send to a wrong person id.

Step by Step Instructions


At first, go to the setting option and click on it which you can find the left side of your computer screen. After click on this here you will find another sitting option and again click on it.


After click on sitting here you can see a new window will appear and there are different kinds of options. So don’t click anywhere without knowledge. After entering the new window just go to the “General” option which is showing above and then go to “Undo Send” option and click on “Enable Undo Send” mark.


After giving tick mark on “Enable Undo Send” then input cancellation period in second. It is the main part of cancel a wrong message. As you can see we already input 30 seconds and you can also same like us, that’s meant you will get 30 seconds to cancel the wrong email if you send an email to the wrong email id.


After inputting the duration of cancellation then go to the end of that page and click on “Save Changes”. Now your sitting is completely safe and secure but the question is how could you cancel the Email if you send to the wrong id?

It’s very simple don’t worry. After saving that setting you will get a short message on top of the screen. Here you will see Undo option. If you think that you have sent an email to the wrong one then just click on the undo option and you will see that you will come to the previous step. So that means your last sending email will be cancelled but remember one thing if you choose the 30 seconds of the duration of cancellation, you will get just 30 seconds to undo your last sending email.

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