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5 Innovative Ways to Re-Use Your Old Pashmina Shawl!

Only those who have possessed a pashmina shawl will know its value. It is too dear to let go even after it has lived its life and demands a cremation. So, what can be done? Well, so many things! Because of its intricate artworks and beautiful texture, pashminas make an ideal material for innovative home décors, shrugs and waist coats, drapes, curtains, bags and so much more! It adds a dash of artistic bohemian look to anything it embraces.

So, if you too possess an old pashmina, think before handing it over to the maid or putting it into the bin. Try these 10 interesting ways to stir up your creative mind with a pashmina shawl!

1. Wall hanging-

Wall hangings, decors and laminations can alter the whole look of the house.

a) You can cut your shawl into small or medium squares and run some multi-coloured stiches over each patch.

b) If the shawl itself has intricate handworks, then pair it up with single coloured clothes.

c) Now stitch each small patch into one big square and laminate it to make a unique wall décor.

d) Or, you can join the small patches on a single thread and hang it horizontally or vertically on entrances, drawing rooms, above the bed. Give them some interesting shapes as well.

2. Table, chair and cushion covers-

Bare chairs do not look that impressive.

a) Cover the bare heads of your dining chairs with beautiful pashmina fabrics. Either wrap them around chairs in interesting ways or stitch a chair cover out of your old shawl.

b) You can as well stitch a table cloth from a pashmina shawl.

c) Cushions can be made to look arty with pashmina cushion covers. If you have single colour shawls, contrast them. Like a purple, pink and beige for your couch.

Even if you do not own so many different colours of pashmina shawl, buying one wouldn’t really hurt! Ultimately the end result will earn you buckets of appreciation from every guest coming over.

3. Curtains and drapes-

Cashmere pashmina shawls look beautiful when used as drapes and curtains. It adds that essence of royalty and Persian nativity to your house. Contrasting colours can be used over one another.

For example, take a printed one and stitch it with a single colour. Repeat this with one alternating the other.

Hang above doors and windows, or even to form a partition between the living and dining space.

4. Cut it into a shrug-

Even when your pashmina is years old, the colour hardly fades. That, of course, happens if you had purchased your pashmina from an authentic seller. However, once you think the shawl is too old as you have worn it to every possible occasion and do not wish to repeat wearing the same shawl, have it cut into a shrug!

This is an excellent way of re-using a pashmina shawl or stole. Waist coats, short shrugs do not require a great length of fabric and can be easily tailored from shawls of average length.

Following a few DIY videos online, you can do it yourself.

5. Turn it into a tote!

Pashminas are very durable and can make up for amazing totes and shopping bags. The pastel shades look pretty when carried with ethnic or western outfits.

Here are the 6 DIY steps to make your own bag-

#Step 1- Lay out the shawl or scarf on a flat surface and fold it in half. It should roughly form a square.

#Step 2- On each of the two opposite edges, tie a knot around a hand’s length.

#Step 3- Take each of the remaining corners and tie one knot at a time below the existing ones.

#Step 4- Now, un-tie the two knots you made in Step 2 and adjust the length of your bag’s handle.

#Step 5- Finally, join the two loose ends to form the handle.

#Step 6- Sling it around your shoulder and flaunt your pashmina bag!

Now, what if you really wish to decorate your house with pashminas or have a shrug made out of it? Do you have to wait for someone to hand you over a pashmina shawl? No! You have to simply buy one! You might not have to travel all the way to India or Persia; there are online dealers who have made your task easier. Only remember to purchase from an authentic seller who deals in quality pashminas.

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