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5 Fashion Statements to Make with Your Pashmina Wrap!

Occasions and festivities are around the corner and yet it’s too chilly outside for your favourite dress? No problem! All you need is a pashmina shawl to keep you warm and add that dash of style to your outfit!

Pashminas are made from ‘pashm’ or goat’s wool and literally translates to ‘soft gold’ in Kashmiri language. As this textile was first woven in Kashmir, India, it has therefore taken the name, Cashmere wool. These shawls and scarves have a soft, smooth texture that offer great warmth and comfort in the chilliest of weathers.

Having a collection of different colours of pashminas in your wardrobe can be of great help during winters. They look extremely elegant with any outfit and can be customised for every kind of occasion!

Here are 5 trendy ways of wrapping your pashmina!

#1- Waterfall-

Fold your shawl into a thin strip and wrap around your neck twice with the two ends loose reaching till slightly above your chest. Remember to keep the left side a little longer than the right side. Now take one edge of the left end and tuck it behind your back while allowing the other edge to fall over the right shoulder. Manage the position so that the loose end looks like a triangular piece of cloth, falling over your shoulder like cascading water!

This will not only protect your chest from chilly winds, but also add a stylish edge to your dress! Also, when you team up the Waterfall style with a blazer or buttoned shirt, it simply magnifies your look.

#2- Bolero-

Wrap your pashmina around your shoulders first with both sides having equal length. Now take both the ends and make a bold knot right above your belly. Let the shawl breath fall naturally over your shoulders.

Another variation of the Bolero is to tie the knot at the back. This offers a shrug like look from front and ideal to quickly cover your shoulders if you’re in the church!

You can try this wrap for a dinner date on a chilly winter night or for outings with friends.

#3- Criss-Cross-

Wrap your shawl or scarf of pashm around the neck once with equal lengths hanging on both sides. Next, take the left end over to the right, creating a loop like gap between left strand and wrapped portion. Put the right end over the left crossover and through the gap loop. Next, pull it from down and you will see a criss-cross pattern.

To add some variation to this look, there’s another trendy trick to cover bare shoulders.

Take one end of each loose edge and tie a firm knot, creating a large loop. Now put the loop around your neck and place the knotted end at the back of your shoulders. See how beautifully the threaded ends fall over your bare shoulders!

#4- The Angel-

This ends in a very elegant look that can be worn with pants, miniskirts or LBDs.

Fold your pashmina shawl into half in length and hold it vertically. Now, take one small portion from the upper edge of the middle and tie it to the end of that side. Repeat the same with the lower side of your shawl. You will see, it has ended in a hood like shape with two loops on two lengths of the shawl. Now, put one arm through each length and let the soft texture fall over your back loosely like a shrug.

This appearance best complements the full sleeves body-hugging dresses. Choose the shawl colour in contrast with the dress you are wearing and team it up with a belt around the waist! You are ready to hit a party!

#- Simple wedding wraps-

Have a wedding invitation on a cold winter evening? Your pashmina shawl can be your best friend for the night. There are a variety of simple yet elegant ways to drape it around your dress.

1. Put it simply around your shoulders, covering your back and letting the loose ends fall over the two arms. You can pin a broach to one side of the shawl. Now, fold your arms to the waist to carry the shawl with grace!

2. Simply place the shawl over one shoulder. This looks stylish and sophisticated.

If you know more ways to wear pashmina shawls in trendy wraps, share with us! Also, don’t forget to try these and let us know how many eyes were on you!

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