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Hidden Features In Java That You Need To Know

In this article, the prime focus is on the hidden features of Java that you need to know. It is quite a familiar fact that the declaration has been made by Java for a feature complete series. So let us see 4 hidden features in Java 9.

1) JEP 102: Process API updates :

The way operating system processes are handled, JEP 102 proposes for enhancement and the introduction of ProcessHandling and ProcessHandle.Info. The Pid of the process is enhanced by the process class permitting it to retrieve a ProcessHandling object of this process with respect to its descendants or a object for the existing process. For performing the actions to check the state of the process it is related is permitted by the ProcessHandle.

2) JEP 295: Ahead-of-Time Compilation:

A Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler is used by JVM and during the time you compile your Java application has bytecode which is interpreted by JVM is done using the JIT compiler. There is an extra step done in JIT compilation as the method reaches certain criteria like the machine code has the bytecode compiled. For helping the performance of the application an additional compilation is used. Shared libraries can be used when there is a need to run the application. The shared libraries can be checked by the application for code compilation as it can use rather than interpreting the bytecode.

3) JEP 213: Milling Project Coin:

Among the five amendments proposed by JEP 213, the fifth one supports for private methods in interfaces. There were no methods present before Java 8 interfaces and the only thing permitted was to define signature methods that permitted you for defining method signatures which was later implemented somewhere else. There was some introduction of default methods with Java static 8 and both of which are public.

4) JEP 251: Multi-Resolution Images :

One of the multiple images relying on the resolution was proposed by JEP 251 to be used for viewing relying on a resolution. For fitting the best transformations and display settings of the existing images is used by Graphics object resolution. This functionality could be cleared within no time and there might be a change in the applications with respect to different scaling areas.

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