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8 Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a Courier Service

For businesses, especially online businesses, the courier cargo services they choose can be the main interaction between their customers and themselves. If this be the case, a business should carefully choose which service they will consider. Here are some questions to think about when doing the research:
1. Do they deliver immediately?
If your business deals with precious cargos or “very important parcels”, you should choose the one which treats your delivery as a priority. More often, businesses try to save their costs and choose domestic and international courier companies, which charge less. But this also means that that courier company is making up for the costs by taking up other consignments, at your delivery time, as well. In this situation, your important parcels, documents, and other products are going to be delivered little later than you had promised your customer. So, choose the best courier company that is available nearest to you.
2. Can you track your courier?
This is especially important if you regularly have international courier orders sent out from your business location. Tracking a courier allows you to expect delays or on-time deliveries so that your business does not get affected. Make sure that you ask for email notifications, so that you can receive important updates without having to constantly monitor the courier. The idea is to choose such a service which can deliver at the specific time every time without you having to check on them again.
3. Big company or small?
Even if you are spending a huge amount for sending out couriers, the chances are that your account is handled by a bigger business. Your account, at such a place will still be treated as any other customer. In some cases, it is better to go with a local depot because small companies offer better service and stay more loyal.
4. Does the courier company offer you its best price?
Different courier companies have different specializations. For instance, some are good at delivering fragile cargos while some others are good at adding charges randomly. Make sure that you are choosing a courier company that offers you a wide range of delivery options. These companies are more likely to offer you the best price and also adapt to your customized needs.
5. Is my courier company my ambassador?
Yes. More often than not, your choice of courier service will work as a bridge between your customer and your business. They can make or break the relationship. For this reason, you should look for a provider that has a reputation for delivering high quality and offers solutions. Your business can thrive with such services. While choosing, make sure that you find a company that guarantees good standard and has a money back policy.
6. Is price the dominant factor?
There is a difference between price and cost. Price determines how much you are paying for a service. The cost determines what you will lose if the services are not delivered properly. What if a company does not guarantee much? The essential costs include saving time, streamlined operations, simplified booking, and good administration. In addition, the quality of the services is an important factor. Therefore, make sure that you choose someone who can take care of these hidden costs.
7. What are the differences between different couriers?
Some differences include reputation, awards, insurance, trading records, courier relations, appearance, customer care, general helpfulness, staff turnover, and their vehicles. A simple crosscheck could help you understand on which service your business can rely.
8. Can a courier by my friend?
Absolutely. A courier service is not just an added cost to your business. They are the professional face representing your company at the level of the customer. They offer solutions, ensure that your logistics are taken care of, and that your business receives profit on the logistics sent. So it matters if you can find a courier service that can aid your business.
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