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How To Do Rome On A Budget: Useful Tips

In order to set off for a self-trip to Rome, also known as the Eternal city, it’s critical to learn some important peculiarities of traveling without travel agencies. In this article, you will find tips, which will help you to save both your money and time and get much more unforgettable experiences.

Every year the amount of those, who decided on traveling on their own, is increasing, leaving “all-inclusive” tours behind. Even if it is said that lifetime is not enough for Rome, it is possible to collect a bunch of memories during a three-day trip.Firstly, try to choose the high time for your voyage: keep in mind that in summer, parts of fall and spring, and of course, holidays city is heavily overloaded with tourists, what surely jacks up the price.

Save your nerves booking a hotel or hostel in advance and during November-March period. Most of the services offer more bonuses if renting a room for three nights in a row. The cheapest accommodation is to find around the Termini Station area or in the suburbs, away from the Old city. Don’t be afraid of staying in 2-star hotels: spacious, comfortable and with free Wi-Fi - all these conveniences cost around 300 Euro per week for two persons.

Rome has an excellent transport system, that allows getting a ticket only for 1,5 Euro which is valid within 90 minutes. This works especially for those who need to transfer a couple of times or go for a short trip.
Options for one-day (4 Euros), three-day (11 Euros), and one-week (16 Euro) tickets are available as well.

Food and beverages
Although Rome is a quite expensive city, there are some loopholes to save money, and simultaneously enjoy a wide selection of food:
• Save mostly on bottled water: some public fountains pump up fresh drinking water. Besides, tap water is good to drink as well.
• Eating for cheap is much easier you a pasta- and pizza lover. Affordable pizza-shops are at every corner!
• Eating your main meal at lunchtime would also be reasonable: there is a risk to be charged more for the same food in the evening.
• Stay away from the main touristic spots: extra charges can be easily avoided somewhere in the outskirts.

Reminders of the prominent part of the Rome are everywhere. The secret of the uniqueness of the city is an inimitable combination of a modern and fussy megalopolis with a ‘living historical museum’. Regardless of the purpose you are visiting Rome, with you will certainly get enchanted with its famous sights. One more tip how not to go over planned budget: take strolls through the city instead of using transport. Since Rome is made up of alleys and lanes, you will not miss any “must-see”, moreover it is a great chance to make your own personal discoveries off from the beaten path.

Not to get lost in a range of places of interested we would highly recommend making out a plan of your route. In case you are ready for a plunge into Rome’s beauty, do not hesitate to commit your spare time to professionals. Local guide association "Eyes of Rome" will tailor the tour to your needs: it’s completely up to you what places to visit, how intense the excursion will be and when to stop for a ‘gelato’ – a break. They offer three classic tours: Museums of Vatican, The Coliseum tour and walking around the city. Keep in mind that it is better to book tour in Rome beforehand. For an inexperienced tourist, Rome can appear a bit chaotic, but with a guide you will get detailed knowledge of this incredible city.

To get indelible memories, you should visit the Roman Forum, Spanish Steps, Villa Borghese, Palatine Hill, and the Coliseum.
If you are seeking free-of-charge places to visit, consider buying Roma Pass, which guarantees a few free entries to Rome and Vatican attractions and many discounts. Moreover, parks, monuments and another open tourist hotspots are free to check out.

Do not hesitate and plan your trip to Rome right now!


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