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10 Mistakes What Android Developers Do

From almost a decade android storm overtook the market with huge number of android lovers. But considering the recent progressions android app development is not as sweet as its name betokens.

In an era of beginning days there were fewer apps and limited development diameter of technologies used in it. Today there is massive growth and numerous other tech stuffs which are embraced that made app development bit knotty, besides that there are few very common mistakes which app developers nowadays do.

Here are top 10 mistakes which you should avoid if you are aspired to be a great app developer.

There are several other programs and functions too which consume android phone battery. Make sure that your app doesn't score top among them! Users are already woozy when it comes to android device battery back-ups, they wouldn't want to have an app that is hungry for battery.

Get down to bras tacks aforetime with memory consumption, and also affirm that the app refrains to process or doze when not in use. Know more about optimizing battery consumption.

You are not making app only for your device! Believe it or no but there are more than 24,000 different android devices with different screen size, resolutions etc. Many app developers do not make it certain that their app is compatible for other devices too. This is in fact one of the biggest reason for app failure.

You can make your app adaptable for multiple devices by using density-independent pixels, XML, and other resources.

Loading symbol for long time will wind somebody up, especially when it comes to customers they don't like slackened apps. Too many large images will eat up a lot memory and unfortunatelySmart phones usually do not have giant RAM that can support it and that results in prolonged loading.

Developers should focus on using the resources that will pile-up soon so that your app will be not curbed.

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