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What IO data acquisition and control Equipment is provided?

These devices consist of a variety of IO devices for collecting and managing digital and analog data that can be used in many applications.

The devices are powered by USB and run independently without the need for additional adapters, making LucidControl a cheap automation system for mobile solutions. A regular connection to USB is enough to drive the equipment.

The units can be integrated without many switch cabinets that are quite common in the automation sector due to the versatility of the DIN rail mounting box.

For reliable solutions, it is also advantageous that the input output modules must be manufactured with standard high quality and industrially interchangeable connections.

Solutions that cover, for example, the management of a central heating unit that is usual in the DIY branch can be achieved clean and direct by adding units in distribution boxes.

The device is the best solution for beginners and professionals because they provide comprehensive development tools and SDKs to many development environments that make their use quite simple. Teachers can do their first step in automation development with LucidControl and take advantage of an abrupt learning curve.

Most operating systems such as Windows or Linux are supported by USB I / O devices without the need for driver software configuration.

In addition to standard PCs, LucidControl USB I / O devices are also compatible with built-in computers like Raspberry Pi, making the I / O modules extremely useful. This provides access to all I / O device functionality over the Internet and creates database programs on computers running the Linux operating system.

A introduction to the USB Analog Data Acquisition (ADC) Units

Analog DAC recording and generation modules represent an I / O module type ready to handle analog channels, for example. currents. Universal serial bus analog input unit can measure 4 analog channels.

The inputs are available to acquire positive and negative signals in the values of 5V, 10V, 24V as well as negative values of -5V ... 5V, -10V ... 10V and -24 ... 24V. In particular, analog lines of 0 ... 10 and 0 ... 24V are generally used in the construction sector.

For example, vortex flow meters provide analog voltage lines with the amount of fluid flowing through them by the time unit, and the LucidControl USB analog input device can handle these dimensions.

The 0-10V selection is best suited to communicate with devices providing a 0-10V line such as wind sensors that typically create a signal with the values 0 ~ 10V relative to the wind speed captured.

Universal Serial Bus Analogue Capture Units offers a high resolution input of fourteen bits, giving an accuracy of 0.25%. The accuracy of the acquired channel is further increased by using the internal pack level of the channels and the interference filter.

For most surveillance tasks the accuracy is guaranteed for the 0 ~ 10V / - 25mV option sufficient and a good compromise between price and accuracy.
The objective of our company is to equip the devices with many interfaces to manufacture the products almost all kinds of applications.

For more information about Universal LucidControl Bus Input Devices, see our website https://www.lucid-control.com/.

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