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Why Drink More Water Is Harmful To Health

Everyone says drinking too much water is very good for health. This applies to some people but not for everyone.

Drinking excess water can cause terrible danger. Generally, kidneys can expel excess water from the body through urine.

But due to excessive water, the kidneys have to take responsibility for the extraction of water.

There is a possibility of stress on the kidneys. If the kidney does not work, excess water can cause problems in the body. So you have to drink water after understanding.

According to the weather conditions in the USA, a person is normally sufficient to drink 2-3 liters of water. However, a report from the European Food Safety Authority claims that there is no difficulty in drinking less water than usual.

For men 2 liters and for women, 1.6 liters of water is normal. It is mentioned in the report that water is entering the food of the day, it is normal for us to drink 2 or 1.5 liters of water.

However, the treatment of antibiotics for high-water medicines is given by the doctors. So that the chemical components from the body are quickly drained through urine.

Doctors advised drinking more water and fluid foods than fever, diarrhea and other diseases. It is better to know from the doctor about the problem of kidney problems, high blood pressure, heart and respiratory problems.

Drinking unnecessary excess water can cause harm to should be using a water pitcher To avoid Various diseases.

However, the main advice of the doctors at present is that no matter how much water one drinks, it must be boiled or filtered with the best water filter, like Ro water filter system, drinking water and refilled pollution free water.

So drink pure water is very important for our health. It should not be as low as a certain level. How do you know if you are drinking the right amount of water? Know some rules in this case. In a report, the Times of India reported.

1. After getting up from sleep, you should drink a glass of water on an empty stomach. It is good if the water is light.

2. You should not drink too much water after every meal. You should wait half an hour for drinking water. But one cup of water (150 ml) can be consumed.

3. Other times of the day should be drinking water one to two times per hour.

4. The right way to drink water is to take it in the mouth by taking five to ten seconds of mouth water.

5. Drink water all the time. Drink it within 12 hours of watering.

6. It is not possible to specify the demand for a healthy man's water. Because it depends on various topics.

7. If you work extra for dry weather then the demand for water will increase. If it is without physical work then its level will be different. It is also dependent on how much you accept other liquid foods on the day.

8. Drinking less water every day as well as drinking too much water is harmful.

9. Three things are very important for drinking water - drink enough water, drink hot water and drink slowly.


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