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Best Tips to Make Moving Day Stress Free

Moving is often dreaded by most since it is highly unpredictable. You never know what unforeseen circumstances might arise to delay your moving process. While certain things are not in your control, make sure to prepare well. At least you should give it your best shot from your part; rest is destiny!

Here are a handful smart moving tips to make your moving faster and smoother:

Get started beforehand
Certain moving related tasks actually are more time-consuming than you think. Packing is one of these. You might even be an expert in organizing and packing before your trips or vacations. But when it comes to moving the entire house, a lot of thought goes into packing. After all, if packing is not done properly, it might result into damage to your valuables. It might also lead to unsystematic unpacking once you move to your new place. So, packing needs to be done mindfully. Start packing at least a couple of weeks prior to your moving day. Start with those items which you do not require often. Pack items you use least first. I always start with china and books.

Mindful packing
Once you move to your new place, you would look for certain items that you need for daily use. This implies that your packing and loading should be done in an organized manner so that the unloading and unpacking takes place in a smooth way. The trick is to mark the boxes containing your daily use items while packing itself. You can number these boxes as per the sequence of importance of the items contained. You might use special symbols to identify boxes containing your valuables. This technique of packing also helps your expert movers to identify the items and do the loading and unloading accordingly. Use your mind while packing.

Keep a specific packing space
Moving can be messy and chaotic. To reduce the mess, try to be organized in every aspect. For packing, select a small space or a room to serve as the packing space. Keep the boxes here that are ready to be used for packing. Keep all the necessary packing related items here. Such accessories might include thick and dark markers, packing tape, packing materials such as bubble wrap, popcorn or unprinted newsprint etc. This shall make your packing process simple and fast.

Optimize packing space
It is a wrong practice to empty dressers and chests before moving. This increases your packing time and delays your move. Also, it consumes usable truck space unnecessarily. Make sure to leave dressers full. In case a chest is empty, you can fill it with linens. This makes your load lighter. Also, make sure not to pack empty suitcases. Use them to keep certain items and then pack them.

Use sturdy trash bags
Boxes are a common choice while packing but they end up taking a lot of truck space. If you have the option, go for sturdy trash bags instead. You can fill the large trash bags with soft items that are not fragile. These bags won’t take up much truck space. This shall be helpful when you have a hell lot of items to be shipped or when you are doing a self-move.

No need to pack certain items
You need not pack certain items such as hanging clothes! Just keep them on hangers and put them in the back of your car. You can then hang them back once you reach your new home.

Similarly, do not pack blankets, pillow covers or beach towels. You can use them as pads. This also saves some boxes for other important stuffs. You can even wrap and tape blankets around artwork and lamp bases. You can do the same for your precious lampshades. They keep your feeble lampshades safe from unexpected jerking during the move. For further packing the lampshade, remove each shade first. Then, stack them in the sequence of small to large. Put them together in a box to ensure their safe arrival.

Label on both the sides
You should strictly mark every box with its contents and destination on both the sides. This helps in the identification of items later. It also helps you to keep track of all your belongings. Specially mark boxes that contain the fragile items. This shall keep the team of your hired moving services alert as well.

Be ready before the movers arrive
Make sure to accomplish the task of packing before the movers actually arrive. Though in most cases, your hired moving services take care of your packing as well, you should do the packing of certain crucial items on your own. You should keep the important documents and forms handy with you. You should disassemble furniture sets that will need to be taken apart. Remember the more prepared you are, the less time you will need to spend on your hired movers. After all, they might charge by the hour.

Make sure to load in sections
In case you are doing a self-move, you need to do the business of loading the moving truck on your very own. Make sure to save truck space and keep items intact in their positions with minimal shifting. This can be achieved by loading the boxes or bags in sections from the floor up. Ensure to load heaviest items first, in front and on the floor. The Packing should be tight and to the top. You can then move onto the next section.

Hire an experienced moving company
Last but certainly not the least! Just get yourself a reliable and professional moving services. Go for self-move only if you have a prior experience that was a good one! A genuine movers and packers shall make your move quick, simple and worry-free. They take care of everything, staring from packing to unloading at your new place.

Today there are many good local moving company that offer full services at reasonable prices. So, do your research and get your job done peacefully!


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