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TA 101 Course- The First Step Towards Transactional Analysis

The very popular theory of transactional analysis or TA is about understanding yourself, others, and develops the good relationships. It is a theory of human personality, behavior, and interaction. TA provides a range of models that are used to comprehend communication and relationship. Basically, this theory is all about “who am I, who are you, who are they, and what do we all perform together.” It is used across the globe by professionals in consultancy, psychotherapy, educational and coaching field.

TA training is provided to professionals seeking to develop or strengthen essential skills and person who want to set up the new career options. More and more people are today searching for the ways through which they can create the enhanced knowledge of transactional analysis and implement it in their everyday life. 2 day TA 101 course, the official introduction to transactional analysis is the first step towards this.
What is TA 101 Course?

This introductory course is an enjoyable and professional workshop that generally people prefer to answer the important questions of life from the outlook of transactional analysis. It helps to understand communication below the words, how people got to be who they are, and understand human nature. This includes the main concepts in TA regarding personality, relationship, communication, and personal change. According to some trainers and training establishments, this workshop is needed before joining the courses of advanced training.
Who is TA 101 Course for?

The introductory course can be useful for anyone who wants to know how they can become more effective at workplace, recognize their own identity and relationships. Counselors or therapists who are seeking for the opportunity to widen their skills can join this course. Besides this, TA 101 Course is beneficial for:
- Those thinking about TA therapy or counseling as a career
- A person who wish to understand himself and others
- Mental health and social workers finding novel ways to understand their clients
- People working in organizations and interested in team or group dynamics and communication
- Parents, teachers, coaches, educators, and professionals working in educational setting and willing to learn new skills to ensure child development
- Managers and team leaders
- People who want to develop, maintain or improve the relationship
Everyone who aims to improve self-awareness and gain ideas for improving self-esteem find TA 101 course highly beneficial. If you wish to become a participant in this pleasurable journey of discovery where you will learn TA main concepts then find the institute that awards you with an internationally recognized TA101 certificate. It will helps you to learn about transactions, why communication breaks down, why sometimes your behavior gets changed and why you show emotions that are overwhelming, causes of low self-confidence, address patterns of destructive behavior, and more.

Training in transactional analysis can be continued for longer duration as an individual would like it to. One can take it as a short introduction that opens the mind and provides the comprehensive insight of oneself and nearby environments or people. It can also be the ultimate journey of discovery and development.

Author’s bio: Author writes this article to let readers know why they need to join the TA 101 Course and how it can help them in ensuring personal and professional development. Author has himself noticed the greater changes in his behavior and life after attending this course


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