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Tips To Recognize The Best Quality Of Marijuana Seeds

If you are a Marijuana planter, you must know the basics about how to find the correct seed. A bad quality seed cannot help you grow a good plant. But how do you find out cannabis that is high in quality? Here is everything that you need to know about good quality Marijuana seeds.

6 Important Steps to Find Quality Marijuana Seeds

The first step is to choose the seeds from an authentic seller. Keep in mind the below points while making your choice for seeds.

• You need to take care that you get the new seeds. If you get seeds from processed Marijuana plants, you might not get the desired results. These plants have already been processed and been rigorously used. More so, you are not well aware of the processes that the plants go through because Marijuana is not a widely discussed topic.

• One basic tip in finding the perfect seed is selecting the round pulp shaped seeds. To identify mature seeds, you must search for brown seeds with lighter shades of stripes. Smaller seeds work as well, but the pulp ones provide better sprouting. Good seeds have a hard outer shell. Do not go for softer shells.

• You must ensure that the seeds are fully matured, healthy and robust. Seeds that do not sprout are not healthy and you should not buy them. Quality seeds will have sprouts and the ones that are devoid of sprouts, cab be either immature or damaged, or a too old one.

• For growing quality cannabis, you need quality genetics. You need to be careful about the breeders who cross a good quality female with any low-quality male and then sell the resultant seeds.

• Many sellers try other alternatives for breeding, which will produce low-quality seeds. Although recently, there has been a production of “inbreed lines of cannabis”. These kinds help in better cannabis seeds but are found in a small fraction of the market.

• Avoid buying the frozen seeds, as, in the long run, these seeds do not bear good plants. Buy the seeds from a store that follows proper storage in cool and dark area and stores carefully within 16 hours. This time frame needs to be strictly followed so as to avoid the pathogens from destroying the seeds.

How to Extract the Seed fromthe Plant?
When a Marijuana plant grows, the seeds are covered between the stem of the parent plant and the plant matter. You can simply move them with the help of your fingers and discard any seeds that look immature or scratched. While buying the Marijuana seed, keep in mind to buy the male seed as it will help to fertilize your plants for the next generation.

Buying the right quality of Marijuana seed can be quite a task. There are different varieties of seeds and everything serves different purposes. No matter how much information you have about seeds, identifying the correct quality by just looking at it is tough. You need to ascertain the reputation of the seller and trust the person you are buying it from. Make sure you get it from a trusted company.


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