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Water Purifiers For Homes - Things To Know Before You Buy One

So, you have decided to buy water purifier for your home, but are confused about which one to pick or which is the best model. There are many kinds of water purifiers, so before you buy a water purifier online, here are some aspects to consider.

Water supply at home: One of the first aspects to check is the tap water you are supplied at home. Is it bore well water/hard water or is the water pumped from your local/municipal board or corpora-tion which doesn’t contain total dissolved solids (TDS)? Does your drinking water contain a high amount of TDS? Depending on these aspects, you should consider buying either a UV or RO water purifier.

RO water purifier: Want to buy water purifier with only RO capabilities? It works best if your wa-ter has TDS. Before that, you would need to understand what is RO and how it works. Reverse osmosis or RO helps separate heavy metals and salts from the water by allowing it to pass via a membrane. This way, water gets rid of any impurities. The hardness in drinking water goes away, and your water will taste better and sweeter.

How about a UV water purifier? If you buy one of the water purifiers with UV technology, ultra-violet rays will remove all suspended particles in water to upto 5 microns, absorb any organic pollu-tants or pesticides and also deactivate all the micro-organisms that cause diseases. If you are sup-plied with water from a river or water body in your city, it could contain some harmful bacteria or viruses, and using a UV water purifier will solve that problem.

Best of both worlds: There are also water purifiers that combine both UV and RO capabilities. These are called universal water purifiers and are ideal if you are confused about picking one water purifier online.

Additional features: When you are looking to buy water purifier online, you should also check the cartridges and other smart features the water purifier comes with. There are water purifiers that come with various cartridges to serve a variety of purposes. Some cartridges help absorb bad odours, colour, extra chlorine or impurities in the water, while others are there to specifically retain key minerals like magnesium and calcium that get depleted by ordinary water purifiers. Also, look for smart features such as an intuitive LED display which tells you all the about the process of puri-fication and alerts you to the the level of water and when you would need to service the purifier next. One model comes with a unique feature that even allows you to set what kind of taste you want the water to have, even as all the natural minerals are balanced.

When you buy water purifier online, you would also need to check the warranty and after-sales ser-vice. Also, read up testimonials online and check out the star ratings on different models before you finally pick a model.


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