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4 Major Types Of Bridal Jewellery In India

In India, where the brides have a lot to do with her dress, venue, even menu, the prime and expensive phase comes when she heads out to buy her jewellery. And the bridal jewellery in India is much more than just a tradition; it includes culture, regional taboos and various symbols that are situated along with. The traditional bridal jewellery symbolises the pristine nuptial bond of two souls. The jewels profoundly entwine the love relationship, husband and wife. Any bridal wear is incomplete without these types of ornaments. And to understand the importance of them, it is very important to know their significance. This article will help to have a deep insight of Indian customs and nuptial bonds.
Indians have a keen liking in gold and silver jewels and trinkets. The jewellery is made to refine the beauty of a woman.

Check out the major bridal jewellery in India that is praised and known for their luck and charm.


This is an auspicious thread that generally consists black beads over the golden chain. And this design changes according to different Indian states and their taste. For example, one can find coin designed mangalsutras worn by South Indian brides.

Mangalsutra or tanmania is the most intricate and prime jewellery that is worn by North, South and West Indian brides. The culture is a bit different in East side and they prefer sindoor and shankha pola instead of this. In Indian tradition, the groom ties mangalsutra around his wife’s neck at the wedding ceremony. These online pendant sets are also available in many reputed sites as well under an affordable range of Rs. 10,000.

Nath (Nose Ring)

Just like mangalsutra, Nath is a very important inclusion in Maharashtrian culture and for every bride in this state, it becomes a lucky charm to showcase the proud of being married. This is an important part of the bridal jewellery and consists of different metals, mainly gold and silver. There are various designs and elements that go into the creation of naths or nose ring.
The gold, silver, beaded, pearls or precious stone studded naths are the most major ones.

Payal & Toe Ring

Payal is the traditional type of anklets and is adorned on both the ankles. Though the western ones are also available in a single pair the Indian traditional pieces come in pairs. A payal set holds an imminent place in the overall bridal jewellery and is available in gold, silver and even white gold. In most of the rituals, people avoid wearing gold on their feet as they take gold as the sacred metal piece to be connected with God.

Toe ring comes in pairs whereas, in modern dates, women prefer to wear a single ring. These are the small rings that are worn by the bride and are given by the relatives of the groom. This culture is most specific in North India.

Bangles & Kada's

Now this one of the widest parts of this topic as the design, hues and style change as per the demand and belief of every culture and custom.

1. In Punjabis, brides love to showcase their loud joy with chudas which consist of white and red bangles.

2. In Bengalis, brides wear red and white bangles which are known as pola and shankha. The shankha is made of the pure conch shell and thus are loved by aesthetic lovers as well.

3. In Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, married women wear green and red bangles.


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