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How To Make The Most Out Of Customer Testimonials?

The most powerful tool that a business can possess today in this highly competitive world is ‘WOM’. However, a lot of effort goes into gaining loyal customers who would be a source of WOM marketing. Once a business gains a loyal customer base, customer testimonials and feedback can then be collected and used in the most appropriate way, so as to make the most out of them. Here are the best ways of doing so:

Identify what best suits your business:

Well, customer testimonials are not just limited to client quotes now. Also, what works for one business may not work for the others. So, it’s advisable to test and identify what type of customer testimonials provide the most favorable outcomes. Thereafter, client quotes, pictures or videos can be added as social proofs to get the desired results.

Leverage story telling:

Customer testimonials that are created in a story telling format are highly capable of enticing the website visitors and keeping them glued for hours. The best practice suggests starting off with a vivid description of the issue that the customer faced and end it with an enviable, headache-free outcome. The entire thing should be effective enough to describe how a particular product or service of yours was able to help out the customer.

Show accountability:

As a matter of fact, ignoring the negative comments from dissatisfied customers is of no use. In fact, answering negative questions is actually like admitting your mistakes. The best way to answer these questions and resolving such hidden issues is doing it through customer testimonials.

Make use of photos and videos:

Visual content adds to the power of the written one. It has been proved that visual content such as photos and videos can bring more credibility. While photographs instil a sense of trust in the customers, videos enable them to see beyond the words. They get to hear the tone through videos which being much more personal tends to be more persuasive.

Put up a group of testimonials:

A single positive review may be easily dismissed than a whole group of them. So, it’s advisable to showcase a group of customer testimonials so as to boost the credibility of your business and then make the most out of it.

Customer testimonials are much more than social proofs. Leverage them to take your business to an entirely new level!

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