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New Features in Java

JavaSE 8 Features The critical components of JavaSE 8 are lambda articulations, strategies references, default techniques, practical interface, java 8 date/time, stream classes and so forth.
• Java 8 Date/Time API (Java 8)
• Lambda Expressions (Java 8)
• Method References (Java 8)
• Functional Interfaces (Java 8)
• Stream (Java 8)
• Base64 Encode Decode (Java 8)
• Default Methods (Java 8)
• forEach method(Java 8)
• Collectors(Java 8)
• StringJoiner(Java 8)
• Optional class (Java 8)
• Nashorn JavaScript (Java 8)
• Parallel Array Sorting (Java 8)
• Type Inference (Java 8)
• Method Parameter Reflection (Java 8)
• Type comments and rehashing comments (Java 8)
• Java JDBC Improvements (Java 8)
• Java IO Improvement (Java 8)
• Java Concurrency Improvement (Java 8) Java 8 Features Prophet discharged another adaptation of Java as Java 8 in March 18, 2014. It was a progressive arrival of the Java for programming improvement stage. It incorporates different moves up to the Java programming, JVM, Tools and libraries. Advanced JAVA Training Courses in Marathahalli bangalore
Java 8 Programming Language Enhancements Java 8 gives following elements to Java Programming: • Lambda articulations,
• Method references,
• Functional interfaces,
• Stream API,
• Default strategies,
• Base64 Encode Decode,
• Static strategies in interface,
• Optional class,
• Collectors class,
• ForEach() technique,
• Parallel exhibit arranging,
• Nashorn JavaScript Engine,
• Parallel Array Sorting,
• Type and Repating Annotations,
• IO Enhancements,
• Concurrency Enhancements,
• JDBC Enhancements and so forth. Lambda Expressions Lambda articulation encourages us to compose our code in practical style. It gives an unmistakable and succinct approach to actualize SAM interface(Single Abstract Method) by utilizing an articulation. It is extremely valuable in accumulation library in which it emphasizes, channel and concentrate information. For more data and illustrations: Technique References Java 8 Method reference is utilized to allude technique for utilitarian interface . It is minimal and simple type of lambda articulation. Each time when you are utilizing lambda articulation to simply alluding a technique, you can supplant your lambda articulation with strategy reference. For more data and cases: Practical Interface An Interface that contains just a single dynamic technique is known as useful interface. It can have any number of default and static techniques. It can likewise proclaim techniques for question class. Useful interfaces are otherwise called Single Abstract Method Interfaces (SAM Interfaces). For more data and illustrations: Discretionary Java presented another class Optional in Java 8. It is an open last class which is utilized to manage NullPointerException in Java application. We should import java.util bundle to utilize this class. It gives techniques to check the nearness of significant worth for specific variable. For more data and illustrations: forEach Java gives another strategy forEach() to emphasize the components. It is characterized in Iterable and Stream interfaces. It is a default technique characterized in the Iterable interface. Gathering classes which expands Iterable interface can utilize forEach() strategy to repeat components. This technique takes a solitary parameter which is a practical interface. Along these lines, you can pass lambda articulation as a contention. For more data and illustrations Date/Time API Java has presented another Date and Time API since Java 8. The java.time bundle contains Java 8 Date and Time classes. For more data and illustrations Default Methods Java gives an office to make default techniques inside the interface. Techniques which are characterized inside the interface and labeled with default watchword are known as default strategies. These strategies are non-conceptual techniques and can have strategy body. For more data and illustrations: Nashorn JavaScript Engine Anchor is a JavaScript motor. It is utilized to execute JavaScript code powerfully at JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Java gives a charge line apparatus jjs which is utilized to execute JavaScript code. You can execute JavaScript code by two ways: 1. Using jjs order line instrument, and 2. By inserting into Java source code. For more data and cases StringJoiner Java included another last class StringJoiner in java.util bundle. It is utilized to build a grouping of characters isolated by a delimiter. Presently, you can make string by passing delimiters like comma(,), hyphen(- ) and so forth. For more data and cases: Gatherers Gatherers is a last class that expands Object class. It gives lessening operations, for example, amassing components into accumulations, condensing components as indicated by different criteria and so on. For more data and cases: Stream API Java 8 bundle comprises of classes, interfaces and an enum to permit practical style operations on the components. It performs apathetic calculation. In this way, it executes just when it requires. For more data and illustrations: Stream Filter Java stream gives a strategy channel() to channel stream components on the premise of given predicate. Assume, you need to get just even components of your rundown, you can do this effectively with the assistance of channel() strategy. This strategy takes predicate as a contention and returns a flood of came about components. For more data and cases: • g.getBytes() strategy. Java Base64 Encoding and Decoding Java gives a class Base64 to manage encryption and decoding. You have to import java.util.Base64 class in your source document to utilize its techniques. This class gives three diverse encoders and decoders to scramble data at each level. For more data and cases Java Parallel Array Sorting Java gives another extra element in Arrays class which is utilized to sort cluster components parallelly. The parallelSort() technique.


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