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Biotechnology: The Tool to Carve a Healthy Future of Plants and Animals

It is a well known fact that food nutrition is plays a crucial role in maintaining our overall physical well being. It is imperative that we pay attention to the foods we eat as they impact our health. The consequences, for better or for worst, are controlled by the diet we intake and the kind of nutritional aspects we follow. Thanks to the advancement in biotechnology, we now have better understanding of the benefits of every particular food group than ever before. Although, having more knowledge also brings bigger responsibility to make assertive and responsible food choices. Considering that, the education system is also evolving with the changes in the food and nutrition domain. Programs like Msc biotechnology are treating the issue with utter importance as it can help in improving the quality of life people lead.

The field of Biotechnology emphasizes on the important changes in plant as well as livestock production. The advancements in the field will impact the production chain of both the domains, ranging from agro-chemical inputs and breeding to final food processing. The study of Biotechnology can help in reducing the dependency on agrochemicals. As these products are quite expensive, it makes them out of the reach of small farmers in developing countries. If the use of agrochemicals is moderated then it can lead to fewer residues in the output. Biotechnology also helps to identification of bacteria strains which are most suitable for specific crops and soils. Biological pesticide, which are a gift of biotechnology to the agriculture field can help in reducing the use of agrochemicals. The applications of biotechnology in the animal husbandry field, especially with respect to animal production are numerous as well. It can revolutionize the reproduction and selection process of animals. Apart from that, it can augment the current practices of animal healt as the innovation in the field impacts the quality of feeding and nutrition. The overall impact of biotechnology study can help us improving the growth and production of animals.

Programs like Msc nutrition and dietetics focus on enhancing the quality, production and preservation of the consumer products. It is safe to consume foods produced through biotechnology. Before the rise of this field, there were no other solution to the plant diseases destroying them. As the technology is advancing, researchers are now working to leverage biotechnology against the extreme climatic conditions. Calamities like droughts, floods and infections present a great threat to the plant kingdom. Modern agricultural technologies are currently trying to figure out new ways to protect plants from such mishaps. In addition to that, Biotechnology has also helped in preventing food crops from being destroyed by pests or disease. Considering such benefits, the field of biotechnology requires individuals with a foresight and tenacity to come up with solutions which can ensure the continuation of healthy plants and animals.



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