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Pro Painting Tips : Change the room size with colours

What if just by painting rooms, you could visually manipulate their shape and dimension?
Colours play a decisive role in interior painting. Intrusive and powerful colours optically narrow the room, by contrast quiet and unassuming colours give sense of spaciousness.Cool colours (blue, white and some shades of green, purple ) are unobtrusive, so that for “spreading the room” we decide for them rather than for warm colours (red, yellow, orange, brown ). Dark colours work as hard, so they can press us, while the bright colours are light and lift us. Heavy colours are those containing some black or red.

Different paint colors and even different values of the same color have different effects.
Overall, lighter and cooler colors tend to recede; they appear farther away. Darker colors and warmer colors advance; they appear to move towards us. We can use this concept to make space look larger or smaller; change the shape of a space; draw attention to focal points and positive aspects of a space, and hide or minimize the not-so-attractive features.

Paint the ceiling to make a room feel cozy or larger
If a room is very large and doesn’t feel comfortable, paint the ceiling a darker color than the walls to make it appear lower, thereby making the room feel cozier. Conversely, if space makes you feel clumsy, paint the ceiling a lighter color, which will raise the apparent height of the ceiling. As a result, the room will feel more spacious. You can also paint the ceilings of exterior spaces, such as the porch. A soft blue will give the illusion of the sky above.

Add visual interest with painting stripes
Painting vertical stripes will make a room space feel taller.Conversely, horizontal stripes make the space feel longer.There are so many ways to use color when staging a home to accentuate the positive features and downplay or eliminate those that are less than desirable.

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