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Impact of Film Production houses in changing One’s perspective

The film production houses are one of the most answerable units of entertainment industry. It not only takes care of entertainment but also endow with social awareness for his audience. They produce films, short films, advertisement, awareness videos etc, with a social message. How film production houses can change one’s perspective? Well, they are in contact of every individual through televisions. They have millions of audience every day watching their telecast. Therefore it can be a method to create social awareness in the society.

There are following impact that a film production house can make on its audience:

1) Capturing attention:
The films and ads are the most eye-catching kit on TVs right now. People see them regularly and on multiple occasions sometimes. These media attracts people especially young guys. Hence the film production houses must be careful of what are they making? I can give you an exemplar of tyre brands, though I am not going to point out their name, but mostly tyre brands show stunts in ads which are very fascinated for youth. It can lead to road accidents. Yes! I can accept the thing that they provide warning but the font is too minute to read.
There are some ads also which offer social awareness among the masses. These types of stuff, we should promote and admire. Capturing attention through films and ads is good for one’s business but we can promote it with social messages. Therefore if we are capturing their mind, show them some moral things rather than unnecessary sexual appeal.

2) Evoke them to try New Products:
This is very useful for promotional brands which hire film production houses to promote their products. They try to change the perspective of people about only using same product again and again. The film production houses use this new product in their films, ads, promotional videos (for internet only) etc, they highlight the virtues of new products which are missing in the old one. It is good for the people as they have more options for the same product in various brands at nearly same asking price. Hence, a healthy competition prevails among a variety of brands to put on the market their product. Now, here we can see the people perspective is changing for a particular product. They are now more put on to buy the new one.

3) Creating social awareness:
Films and ads can be a great gizmo to spread a message of social awareness. You need to be careful while deciding what is going to be reflected from your ads? I can give a brief case in point of fairness cream. They usually show that people having dark complexion are inferior somehow. They cannot be booming in life. A girl having dark complexion is an offence for her, her parents are worried as no one is going to marry their daughter. This thing sucks... I mean what are you guys try to portray here. If we want to change the society we need to focus on issues like child marriage, poverty, and dowry. Our country is going through hard times. Production houses need to stand up for this. Change people thinking in positive way which may lead as an example for other countries. The film production houses are not always dreadful they are doing some fine things is well. There are some films and ads which are spreading good social messages too; I have a case of many health drink ads, milk brands ads, washing powder ads etc. They are doing good job and needs our appreciation. Look for positives but it is also important to point out what is going wrong?

What is our responsibility?
This is the focal portion of this article. We have to correct ourselves first. It is easy to point mistakes of others, but it is hard to correct ourselves. As we see an ad or a film which is featuring negative as well as positive characters. We need to take lessons from positive characters only. I remember a super hero movie named Batman. I asked reviews from my associates. The results are shocking to me; I find people are more motivated or you can say inspired by Joker (a negative character) than you cannot blame film production houses or script writers for this. Aren’t you? Try to avoid those things which are against moral behaviour than only we can think of world to be a better place to live.

Therefore, it is our responsibility to hire a film production house that works for a social change. Their ads or films should target social evil and try to set a fine perspective of people towards society. Before hiring them, see their background what they have done? Hire them for good.


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