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Moving To Australia? Here Is What To Expect!

Are you seriously considering moving to Australia as an expat? Then this article is a must read for you.

Being an English speaking commonwealth country and acclaimed for its quality of life, vibrant cities and outstanding natural beauty, Australia attracts expats from across the world. The people of Australia are warm and friendly who’ll happily extend their helping hand to any expat trying to start his/her life in this country. However it is wise to do your own research and be prepared with practical aspects you could expect in this land. Here are a few key points you must know when making the move to the land of OZ.

Happy and empowered Australians

According to reports published by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in 2015, Australians the most happiest and empowered people in the planet, only next to the Norwegians. So the happiness is likely to have a contagious effect on you. So brace up for a happy life in Australia.

Beautiful rental properties

In the popular Australian cities, the rental market can hit the roof. So if you find a place that you like, view it and apply for the same immediately. You’ll need proof of income, and good references to get good properties. If you don’t have a either a rental or a credit history in Australia, you may be asked to put down a security deposit along with your application. This is fully refundable, should your application be unsuccessful. You can easily send money for your house rent to your landlord’s bank account from reputable instant money transfer service providers.

High standard of education

In Australia, government education is free and is of a high standard. Sport is given a big focus in Australian schools, and your children will be given the opportunity to play everything right from cricket to rugby. In Australia the school term runs from January to December rather than from September to July. Each state is responsible for regulating its own state and private schools, so it’s worth checking out the education website for the particular area you are thinking of moving to. If you decide to send your child to an international school, there are many reputable ones that are well established.

Great shopping scenario

Australian cities such as Sydney and Melbourne offer an unique shopping for expats. As nearly half of the country’s population lives in these cities, you can get all that you want here. Aboriginal artwork and artefacts are very popular souvenirs to get for loved ones back home. Remember to carry your international prepaid travel card, so that you can shop hassle-free without worrying about forex or payment hassles!

High cost of living

Cities such as Sydney are undeniably very expensive. The higher cost of living has been a cause for grimace among foreign workers in the city. However other cities such as Brisbane and Perth are experiencing higher numbers of arrivals these days. So when it comes to drawing a budget, you need to be extra careful. Also save money by using travel cards and looking for money exchange providers that offers competitive rates in forex.

Excellent healthcare

The Australian healthcare infrastructure is a public and private mix. The system is called Medicare. The quality of care is very good, illustrative in the fact that Australia boasts one of the world’s highest life expectancy rates. Although expats are entitled to use the system as they need to, you will need to pay via a private health insurance provider. So ensure you have a good medical insurance cover.

New visa requirements (Announced in April 2017)

Very recently in April 2017 the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced the abolition of the existing 457 visa program, to be replaced by a new visa classes that will stringently regulate foreign workers coming into Australia, ensuring they meet a genuine skills shortage, currently faced in the country.

The new visa program will be a short-term two year stream, with a substantially reduced skills list so that more expats will be able to qualify for this. The second visa class will be a four year stream focused on strategic skills, with a requirement for a higher level of English proficiency. Both visas will require a minimum of three years relevant work experience, and a criminal record background check.

We hope we’ve given you some food for thought and shed further light as to what you can expect, as an expat in Australia. Whether you’re still deciding or about to jet off soon, we wish you the best of luck and the best Australian experience ever!


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