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How Can I be an elegant Investor in Real Estate?

Here I am, at the age above my adulthood. This is time where I have completed my education got a reputed job and saved few bugs in my pocket. I am looking now for low risk and secured investment which will provide me benefits in short term as well as long terms. The investment in an insurance policy and knowing my returns would be pathetic and I have blocked much needed funds to plan for better things in life. I find myself suitable for investments which tend to be less volatile in nature and hence avoiding market risk investments.

Keeping all those stuffs in my mind I decided to consult with my bestie. He encourages me to invest in Real Estate. It sounds absurd to me as I replied, “Buddy! These types of investments are done by property freak type of guys. They have pre-planned tactics and aware of the fact that what is going to happen in few years”. Certainly it sounds not my cup of tea thing to him. I gave him some foolish reasons to support my argument but luckily I have got stubborn friends. After spending two to three hours of one sided argument he finally persuaded me to invest in Real Estate- the future for Smart investors.

He has advised me some of the tricks which has changed my perspective regarding investment in Real estate. Hence before going to invest your hard earn earnings in property just go through following discussion so that you can be an elegant investor too:

1) Look for developing areas:
The most important thing that he told me is to buy property in the areas which are going to develop in the upcoming years. Keeping in mind, I am from middle class family so I cannot afford larger than life property products in the developed areas which fit into my law rated budget. The other problem we faced is the situation of stagnant prices after a period of time. The pre established areas may give fewer benefits to the investors. Hence it is worthless to spend huge sum of money for small area of plot if I have an option of going for large area with larger benefits in the same price. It sounds convincing to me though. What’s say?

2) Attractive location with Value added features:
Here value added features refers to the availability of day to day needs of a person which includes Road Transportation, railway station, Air port or any one of them. The distance of highways, Schools, hospitals, offices can create huge impact when I try to sell my property. If my property has Parks, Playground, Shopping mall, Vegetable and fruit market etc. in nearby location it acts as value added assets. You can visualise it as the things that have attracted you to buy that property may attract someone else to buy yours. I wonder after writing, sometimes two liners can explain the stuff more clearly. Isn’t it? That is the reason two liner Poets are more famous than long ghazal poets.

3) Legal formalities:
Before investing, go through the past history Real estate company whether he is reliable or not, or you can have a look their past projects. He told me to get EC (Encumbrance Certificate) from the government. Hence I can be safe from property theft.

4) Selling the Property:
I have just one goal in my mind that is to multiply my investment. I will surely look for a person who is tempted to buy my property. There are many people who can buy land near by their working areas or school of their offspring. The new term introduced to me in this conversation is CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate). It is basically a useful measure of growth over multiple time periods. It can be thought of as the growth rate that gets you from the initial investment value to the ending investment value. Hence when you see your CAGR is falling down as the area has fully developed and there is no hope for further improvement in CAGR so buddy get up! As the time has come for some action and sell it as soon as possible.

Don’t lose hope if you are not getting any buyers for your property as this investment is like a fruit bearing tree which was planted by you and the benefit is to your beloved family.


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