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Choosing Suitable Fabric For Clothes

Shopping tips for finding the best fabric:

1. Wool and wool blend tweeds are very fast to sew because they hide sewing mistakes. They also mold into shape easily.

2. Solid colors are faster to sew than plaids, prints are faster than both as the print in the fabric doesn’t require matching. Plaids are take the most time because of the cutting concentration and planning required.

3. Make a note in a small notebook with the following five basic pieces and make sure you take it with you when shopping for your best fabric. Also, make sure you use the yardage conversion chart on the back of the pattern catalogue if your fabric width is different.

4. Jacket, Pants, Skirt, Blouse, Matching skirt, Jacket lining and Jacket interfacing.

Tips for picking the best pieces:

1. Be your own detective!

Everyone should be their own personal quality detective when it comes to shopping.The garment tag is a great place to start! It will tell you everything you need to know about fabric composition, which is a key factor in determining whether a piece is worth buying.

2. Find a good balance.

If fabrics are blended, make sure you have a high ratio of the natural fibers (such as cotton and wool) to synthetics.If you're buying cotton, 100 percent is the best but cotton can still be a great quality piece when blended with synthetics. Make sure there is at least 60 percent ratio of cotton to synthetics.

3. Get up close and personal.

Don't just buy something based on the tags, however. Sara encourages that you feel the fabric to make sure they're genuine.Wool will feel breathable and light despite being thick and textured, and true cashmere should feel soft, breathable, fluffy and rich.

4. Pay attention to stitching.

A high-quality garment is something you're going to have for a long time - and something its makers expect to last for a long time. something women should learn to look for are those well-crafted functional details like generously cut pockets or extra buttons and yarn sewn into the inside of the garment.

5. Value isn't just about price.

Finally, realize that a great article of clothing isn't great just because it's expensive. And pieces that are inexpensive aren't necessarily poorly made. It's important to realize that you can have both - quality pieces that are at an affordable price point.

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