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Things to Do before and after Head or Neck Cancer Surgery

Cancer is still a critical disease, which is life threatening. However, with the advent of time, we have found some treatment options for escaping this fatal disease. For cancer treatment, different medication options are there. For example, we have chemotherapy which has widely been used as one of the best cancer therapies. Radiology can also help in cancer treatment. Apart from these, surgical option is also there to remove cancer cells from your body. For treatment, it is obvious to contact professional head and neck cancer surgeon in Pretoria. Without consulting a professional surgeon, one should not undergo such critical surgeries.

For head and neck cancer surgery, you need some preparations. Whether it is a critical surgery like head cancer or it is facial reconstruction, you should take consultation with a veteran facial reconstruction surgeon in Pretoria in consideration. Professional surgeon will help you to undergo various checkups that are mandatory to be conducted before surgeries. He shall also guide you on knowing a few basics of the surgical process. This will help you to take proper preparations before the surgery. In the following section, a complete guidance has been offered to the readers.
Preparation for Surgery

The most important thing is getting prepared both physically and mentally before a surgery. Head or neck cancer surgery or even facial reconstruction surgery is considered as one of the most critical surgeries. If the surgical process goes wrong, it could be immediate life threatening for the patients. This is why it is essential to undergo such surgery under consultation and guidance of professional head and neck cancer surgeon in Pretoria. Before commencing surgery, you shall be asked to undergo a few important as well as critical tests. Once the tests are done and reports suggest that you are fine to undergo such surgeries, you shall be given diet chart.

You need to follow the dieting chart religiously before undergoing the surgery. Failing to follow the diet can make the surgery more critical as well as life threatening. Certain patients have habit of smoking heavily or infrequently. Depending upon their physical conditions, doctors advise them on smoking. Some people can continue habit of smoking, while some people are suggested to quit smoking before surgery. In many cases, it has been noted that quitting smoking decreases lung function. For facial reconstruction surgery, people should undergo surgeries with the advices from facial reconstruction surgeon in Pretoria.

After the Surgery

Right after surgery, you may need critical medical attention for a few days. At least one week, patients have to stay at hospital availing the medical attentions that are required for such patients. Your head and neck cancer surgeon in Pretoria shall visit regularly to check your conditions. If condition is improving, you shall be provided complete dieting charts to follow after discharging from the hospital or clinic. Maintaining proper hygiene after surgery is important. For your convenience, you can opt for nurse at home, who can check you up regularly. It may take 1 to 3 months, depending upon patient’s immunity, to recover after the surgery and get back to the normal life.

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