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Changes in Music trend over the years

We see rapid changes in technology and innovation and same is with Music too.
In the past, the Playback Singers and Musicians had to concentration a lot while recording as there were no option to pause. They had to re-take the whole song even if there were minor mistake in the song.
Earlier the Music Director had to really explore tunes for the songs. The Musicians had to follow the Music director to reach his expectations.
Due to all these limitations the experts researched and came up with software’s that made the Music Director, Singers and Musicians life Easier.
A short note - Music really is an imaginative expression and that is the reason people respect it to such a degree.
So let us see how the music has been changed over the years :
1. Music is more dynamic than earlier
Have you ever tuned in to the music before 80-90's era...? You may find the tone of the music moderate , with low beats , with low audio quality. This is because of the technology that was prevailing then. If the tracks were not maintained and used it would have noise and gaps in tracks, also get fully worn out after certain amount of time. The Media of Audio used had very small life span.
The Audio Industry focussed on audio recording and preserving it for long term for next generations to enjoy the songs of Retro Period. Audio industry did a lot of research from time to time to develop and make better quality music and sound including the view of from the listener’s to improve their music, audio quality and maintaining the same.
There has been a lot of impact in the world globally when it comes to Software. The word software has not only made it’s place in the corporate world but also influenced the entertainment industry. Now the music and recording has reached a next level through software providing better quality audio, feel of each and every instrument played in the track. Easy to modify, edit, enhance etc.
These above features are now used extensively to make new high quality music and being used in recents days to remixes of old Golden retro songs with new beats , high bass impacts , daze , new vocals , instruments so on.... if you listen to both old and new form of the melody "Jaanu Meri Jaan " - Hindi Movie Song , then you will locate the colossal contrast.
2. Recording is much Easier
The software based recording has made the life of playback Singers much easier. Now recording need not have to be in one go. They can record in multiple takes and later the editing will be done to merge all of them as a single track. The voice quality can be modified to sound better. The echo or reverberation effects can be adjusted accordingly. The pitch can be equalized through the track and many more. Enhancing the audio quality for recording is termed as Mastering. It’s a very vast subject and defining it in few lines would is not easy. Mastering as helped the present Music Director’s to easily correct the small errors that would have been either audible due to high quality audio technology that is currently prevailing.
3. Beats
In the past the film making and the song making were giving sufficient time but now being a fast life, Music director’s are challenged to make music in a short period. To help them many software’s have been developed where various types of beats for different sequences, genre of songs is readily available.
This is reducing the demand for Musicians.
4. Social Media and Internet has added a charm to Music Industry:
The Social Media and Internet has contributing a lot to the development of Music industry as this has increased the reach to listeners to as close as their palm. Youngsters and children tune into the music with headphone or earphone. People listen to Music in buses while travelling, in long queues to spent time and many more. FM Industry concept was introduced only due to music. Music is everywhere now - take a small retail, Mall, Gym, Airport and many more….
5. Lyrics of the music has been modified :
Lyrics have been changing to suit the young generation, the current life-style of the people the latest beats and instruments that are available.
However there is demand for all types of Music. Some still like old music and few are enjoying the latest trends in Music.

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