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5 Indian Women Startups That Received Funds In 2016

I often dream of having my own startup, where I can invite people of all races and sects, male and female and young and old. I’d work with them, let them explore their creativity, create a ripple effect in the society and above all satisfy my fantasies of becoming a woman entrepreneur.

My fantasy has definitely found its way through inspiration from Indian women entrepreneurs. These badass women have established themselves in the current times by bringing in light promising and diverse ideas.

Before I kick start with my idea and narrate my success story to you, I will acquaint you with these brilliant and successful women entrepreneurs in India. These women are pro at breaking the bounds and showing their caliber to the world. Without further ado, here are 10 amazing Indian women entrepreneurs that will hit 2017 with their startups.

1. Meghna Saraogi- StyleDotMe: StyleDotMe is an instant fashion advice portal, wherein Meghna has made it available via applications on Google Play Store and iTunes. The startup is all about guiding people by giving them quick fashion advice. For this, the founder has also collaborated with some fashion experts. She says, “I wanted to build something that will make life simpler for people when they had to decide what to buy and how to wear.
Started in 2013, Saraogi has found her first investor in early 2016. “I feel raising investment is never easy,” reciting her story, she continues, “In the past 10 months, we have shown immense growth, traction, visibility, built a strong team, done out-of-the-box marketing, and made headlines, but today, again, when I'm looking to raise the next round of funding, it's not an easy journey. ”

2. Akanksha Hazari- m.Paani: Setting foot in the tech world, Hazari started her venture in 2012. She says, “M.Paani, conceived in 2012, designs and implements mobile-based loyalty programmes for underserved communities by connecting their spends to important loyalty points which they can collect, share and ultimately redeem for life-changing development rewards in areas such as education, healthcare, safe water, energy.” Hazari has also partnered with an NGO and a large telecom service provider, to educate underprivileged children in India. Receiving funds for her venture in the previous year she said, “2016 marked the move from a valuation to unit economics-driven market. m.Paani is built on user obsession, innovation, strong business fundamentals, and frugality, and I believe companies with similar cultures will survive and thrive long term.”
m.Paani seems to be a promising startup, which currently requires skilled manpower. However, Hazari has made it available for users via applications on Google Play Store. Business users can also use the app that is equipped with well-versed features.

3. Ankita Puri & Sunita Maheshwari-HealthEminds: Does any of you feel left out or maybe seek personal advice from someone? Well, Ankita Puri & Sunita Maheshwari has a solution for you. These Indian women entrepreneurs have started HealthEminds, a counseling and mental health support on the personal and professional front.
Helping people overcome their stress and trauma, the portal has a panel of experts that are readily available for help. Puri says, “Making a difference and positively impacting people on a daily basis is my biggest motivator. There is so much more to be done and that’s what constantly drives me,”
She received funding in the previous year, which makes the venture turn out to be a change maker in the society. These guys keep user identity undisclosed, which becomes a turning point for them. People easily trust the venture and share their concerns

4. Apeksha Jain- The Gourmet Jar: Food lovers, here you go! Apeksha Jain has lived up to your expectations with here startup, The Gourmet Jar. She has a wide range of gourmet jams, marmalades, mustards, & relish. They are fresh, home-made and stabilizer free. She has also mixed up liquor in some of her jams (which makes me grab one, right away!). She says, “Certainly, the situation around us has been difficult over the past year, but being a non-tech food brand, our experience has been slightly different. At The Gourmet Jar, our concept is more traditional and tangible, and the business model is based on strong fundamentals like profitability and sustainability, focusing on steady growth. For me, being able to raise funds in a tough environment is a validation of the potential and strength of our brand.”
And I personally want this startup to touch a higher level of heights. Bingo!

5. Arpita Ganesh- Buttercups: Yes, I know many of you young ladies face a difficulty choosing the right linger. So lemme unburden you by recommending you a nifty portal, Buttercups. Started by Arpita Ganesh, Buttercups is an initiative to guide women on finding perfect linger and offering them so.
Receiving funds in 2016, Ganesh says, “This year was definitely tough for us, but the good part is when times get tough is when you come up with the most radical ideas, and for us, those ideas are working. So it's been a bittersweet year, but one which has definitely made us stronger.”

6. Avneet Makkar & Saraswathy A- CarveNiche: So we have another couple women entrepreneurs in India with us! Meet Avneet Makkar & Saraswathy A., the founder of CarveNiche. It’s a tech organization that offers an innovative and specialized approach to schools and colleges in order to personalize education. Starting the initiative in 2010, the duo took one and a half year to develop their products, with the help of an investor who funded 1 crore Rupees to them. The previous year, they have catered another round of funds that will help them keep going and form big changes in society.

7. Kanika Subbiah- Wedding Wishlist: When I came across this one, I felt this is for me! So now I can find a pretty gift for my husband-to-be, LOL! Kanika Subbiah has started a web portal, where prospective couples can gift beautify presents to being their journey of life. The young lady has fetched a fat amount last year. Establishing herself with this startup in just a year, Subbiah seems to make it big venture in 2017.

8. Mansi Zaveri- Kidsstoppress: Dear young parents, if you find any difficulty making a wise decision for your kid(s), you should search your query at Kidsstoppress. Mansi Zaveri, an Indian women entrepreneur, started her venture in 2013. She says, “Parenting is a really tough journey … but it is really nice to have a platform.”
After becoming the mother of two, Zaveri left the corporate world to follow her passion by choosing to put it digitally. Her portal guides parents on various concerns such as school, extra-curricular activities, parenting, eating habits, etc. She has received a sum from an investor in the previous. I wish this fund helps her grow exponentially.

9. Rashmi Daga- FreshMenu: Rashmi Daga has been canny enough to cater home-cooked food at the doorstep, that too within 45 minutes. Started in 2015, FreshMenu has set kitchens at various localities and serve food to people on order. Sharing her experience, she says, “We began operations in Bengaluru by setting up a functional kitchen, trying new recipes and testing them out in the market. From the ideation of the menu to the ingredients, packaging, and delivery, every step is owned and operated by FreshMenu,”
For now, FreshMenu serves plates to people in Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, and Gurgaon. the young Indian women entrepreneur has credited a fat amount from an investor for her venture, in the previous year. I hope she spearheads and reaches to every city of the country!

10.Rashi Narang- Heads Up For Tails: If you want a pet online, get started with Heads Up For Tails. Now information alters for those who already have a pet with them! You too can log in with Heads Up For Tails to get accessories for your dog.
Narang narrating her story says, “It was my Lab- Sara’s first birthday, and in my quest to find her a nice birthday present- I was very disappointed with what I found in the pet stores, so I decided to start my own line of top quality products so pet parents like myself could have options to buy useful, but fun products!”


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