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Best Networking Apps For Salespeople In 2017

You’re more connected than ever, but the quality of your connections - let’s face it - isn’t great.

Your phone has many contacts, but the details are wrong or outdated.

You have a vast social media presence, but it’s overwhelming managing every account.

You want to share info with others, but you don’t want to share your entire contact file.

And how about that great sales pitch you’ve always wanted to present or test? You want feedback from a qualified and influential audience but aren’t sure where to get it.

Quality data, good communication, and awareness of your product or service are key to your success, and when any of these ingredients is lacking, it’s harder to do what you’ve been trained to do, sell!

Here are some apps that will help get you selling faster:


A problem the app solves: Having lots of contacts, but the data is outdated or inaccurate.

How it works: Automatically update your contact book when someone changes their information, and everyone else’s contact book is updated when you change yours.

Pretty cool!

The next time you move, you won’t have to make so many announcements to everyone that you’ve changed addresses.

The way for Addappt to be effective is when you and others both have the app.


A problem the app solves: Having a vast social media presence but feel overwhelmed managing every account.

How it works: The app allows you to set up a schedule for posts, tweets, and updates for all of your social media accounts, which is more time-effective than sending out messages several times a day!

In addition, you can view all analytics right in once place, so now you won’t have to log in and out of every account just to see the reports.

To communicate with your audience, see their feedback, and view reports in one place makes this an app that’ll help you make better decisions for your sales work!


A problem the app solves: Wanting to share info with others, but not wanting to share your entire contact file.

How it works: This contact sharing app gives you full control over what info you share with others, whether it’s personal or work. Select and unselect what to share.

When you meet someone for the first time, maybe you want to share just your phone number and email address, but you aren’t ready to let them know where you sleep at night.

No worries. Un-check your address!

When you feel more comfortable, you can share those other details!

The recipient is not required to have NameDrop to get your info.

1 Million Cups

A problem the app solves: Wanting to receive feedback from an influential and qualified audience but aren’t sure where to find it.

How it works: The app arranges meetups to connect you with entrepreneurs and like-minded people in your area. These morning meetings over breakfast and coffee are a great way to build relations with people who can help get you to that next level.

Who knows? You just might meet someone who can help you make that next sale!

If you are looking to pitch a product or service and happen to be working for an early-stage startup, 1 Million Cups gives opportunities for you to present your business to an audience of peers, mentors, educators, and advisors.

Making your pitch is free of cost. Just apply to present, and the door is wide open!


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