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Trends in Mobile App Development This Year

Mobile app development is the fastest growing segment in software development, and this is obvious from the fact that over a million apps are developed on every major mobile platform including the popular iOS for iPhone. The pace at which businesses and individuals are increasing their demand for mobile applications have put mobile app development companies on their toes to launch faster and more effective apps to beat their competitors.

Mobile apps have transformed the way we connect through our phone; almost everything is now possible through mobile phones as faster hardware combined with multifaceted mobile operating system. With lots of third party apps that provide all kinds of functionality, be it audio or video streaming, office applications, games, social networking apps, etc. most individuals spend a bulk of their time using smartphones.

Some trends in mobile app development include;

Cloud computing

Offline environments produce obstacles for developers who have to manage all of their work from configuration to development of the project on a regular basis. This is a repetitive activity that restricts productivity. Most of the developers now set up work spaces in multiple computers to handle each of their repetitive tasks. Without any obstacle, they can manage and perform their roles more effectively, without hindrance.
Another difficulty encountered with traditional desktop-based IDEs is that these work spaces can’t be accessed on mobile devices. Web developers can only open the work spaces via secured VPN, particularly if the IT team allows them to do so. When it comes to cloud computing, developers can access these work spaces on their mobile devices from anywhere, at any time.

Teamwork and communication become difficult in the offline environment. However, the cloud-based tools allow developers to have real-time communication with ease and can perform multiple tasks in a cloud environment.

High Security in Apps

Due to the high level of insecurity, it is crucial that app developers tackle security issues such as broken cryptography, unintended leakage of data, insecure data storage and others.

Better User Experience

With soaring consumer complaints about screen sizes of the latest Android devices and iPhones. An app needs to retain its functionality and efficiency across all devices. And the app development companies need to be more proficient in areas that will have more chances of success.

Swift - The Brand New Programming Language by Apple

iPhone app developers agreed that it is quite easier to use this new language as compared to working with difficult the objective-C, For beginners due to the entire structure of the C language. Although it is at its early stage, app developers are learning the nitty-gritty of the language so that they can easily implement it in watch OS, iOS, OS X and tvOS apps soonest.

Google App Indexing

With Google invention of the mobile optimized sites, other big brands with responsive designs saw a bigger boost in search results and similar SERP updates are now starting to happen for apps. In fact, Android searches currently increased with app indexing, a number that will grow rapidly this year.

HTML 5 and related development tools are well known due to the fact that this advanced technology has adopted “hybrid” as their primary technology for mobile apps.


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