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4 reasons that will inspire you to move to cloud

Over the past few years, businesses, belonging to different industries, have gradually shown interest in cloud services and there are significant reasons behind a trend like this. According to industry experts, the rate of cloud adoption has grown faster than what was anticipated previously. Apart from ensuring increased efficiency and improved cash flow, cloud offers a lot of other benefits. No matter whether you have just started a business venture, or you have been associated with a large scale business organization since long, it’s never too late to opt for a cloud service. Whether you are looking for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or you are planning to invest in a solution like Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), the outcome of investing in cloud computing is pretty obvious. Not quite aware of the exact benefits that you might get to experience after opting for a cloud computing solution? Here is a list, highlighting the most significant ones; take a quick look –

•Application of fresh software – When you invest in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), you can use the latest versions of all the applications that are needed to run the business operations smoothly. As all the applications are upgraded immediately, this ensures you can enable your employees with all the new functionalities and features. As a result of this, the overall productivity gets increased significantly. More interestingly, the software upgrades are released at frequent intervals and this helps improve your business functions to a great extent.

•Flexibility of cost – When compared to a traditional method or an on premise solution, the cost of a cloud computing solution is quite flexible. As an organization, you need to pay only for the infrastructure and server capacity as per the usage. For instance, when you are expecting high traffic, you can provision more capacity, and then again, de-provision the same when it’s no longer required. With a traditional computing solution, you will have to buy the additional capacity to accommodate the high traffic.

•Effective disaster recovery – Investing in a robust disaster recovery solution is a must for every business organization, but for small and medium businesses, it’s often not possible to make this additional expense. However, with cloud computing, it has now become possible for SMBs to implement recovery and backup solutions. These solutions not only help avoid the up-front investment, but also help save a great deal of time, which can be further used for the productive activities.

•Improved collaboration – One of the most amazing benefits of investing in cloud computing is that it helps ensure better collaboration. Since all your team members can access, share and edit documents from any location, at any point of time, it helps them perform better. With a cloud solution on board, you can rest assured of improvement both in terms of quantity and quality. As they can access cloud based workflow as well as some file sharing apps, it will help them follow the updates in real time.

Considering these four major benefits of opting for a cloud computing solution will surely motivate you to invest into one. However, make sure to plan the implementation of a solution like this well in advance.

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