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Tune Up Your PC in Minutes with System Mechanic Free

Over time, unused applications and old data start clogging up your computer. Unwanted programs run automatically at startup, the system registry becomes a disorganized mess and obsolete files left behind by uninstalled programs start filling up your hard drive. These are just a few of the common causes of unexpected slowdowns. Fortunately, most of them are easily fixable if you have the right tune-up software at your disposal. Iolo's freeware edition of System Mechanic helps boost performance while improving security and reliability and reclaiming hard drive space.

Clean Out Your Registry

The system registry is a vast database of program and operating system settings, making it one of the most important components in Windows. It contains everything from settings and information about hardware device drivers, user account information and settings for individual programs and Windows components. Unsurprisingly, it's an extremely complex system that only the most experienced users can truly begin to understand. As such, it is also prone to developing problems over time, problems that are simply too complicated and time-consuming for the average user to fix. System Mechanic Free provides a powerful registry tuner to automatically remove invalid and incorrect entries to solve various common performance- and security-related issues.

Optimize Hard Drive Performance

Hard drive performance often deteriorates over time, particularly in the case of mechanical hard drives where data becomes fragmented. Poor hard drive performance makes your computer feel less responsive overall, since Windows and your files and programs will take more time to load up. Virtual memory can also become fragmented, further impacting performance. System Mechanic Free provides a complete range of hard disk optimization tools, including a disk defragmenter and junk file cleaner. It will also remove any files and folders left over by uninstalled programs, further increasing the amount of free space on your drives. This is particularly useful for those with solid state drives, which tend to have relatively low capacities.

Automatically Repair Broken Program Shortcuts

Look at any poorly maintained Windows desktop, and you'll see dozens of files and shortcuts in a complete state of disarray. If you prefer to keep organized, you'll want to ensure that any broken shortcuts are either repaired or removed instead of cluttering up your desktop and start menu for nothing. Oftentimes, uninstalling programs leaves invalid shortcuts behind as well, but System Mechanic Free will automatically find and remove these if it cannot find the program that they're supposed to link to.

Improve Your Internet Connection

There are many things that can slow down your Internet connection, such as unwanted programs constantly downloading content in the background, problematic registry settings and more. Unfortunately, due to the complexities of networking, diagnosing such problems is rarely straightforward and, unless you know exactly what you're doing, it's easy to unwittingly make the problem worse. System Mechanic Free provides the tools you need to get back online easily while helping you get the best possible performance out of your Internet connection. Best of all, you don't need to know a thing about networking either.

Download System Mechanic Free today at http://www.iolo.com/promo/smfree .

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