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How to use split testing for e-commerce websites?

If you own or manage an e-commerce website then one question will always bother you; how can I sell more stuff? To succeed, there are various different strategies one can use. One can be to get more traffic to your website through paid ads, SEO & SMM (social media marketing). Another can be to reach out to your potential audience through email. Both the ways are vital and play a key role in the success of the brand. But does this end when you get the desired traffic? Certainly not; the question here is, are the visitors enticed to buy your product or service when they come to your page? Or do they leave the page even before they give themselves a chance of reviewing your offering.

Here, the design of your website matters a lot; visual merchandising, as it’s called in the real world and businesses spend a lot of money ensuring that they get the right design. Similarly, the website copy matters as well. This is your virtual sales patter, which persuades the visitors to click the buy button. What’s the way to optimize your store so more of your website visitors become your clients? There are few things, one of which is split testing.

What’s Split Testing?

Many consider split testing to be a commanding weapon in the collection of e-Commerce brands. Split testing lets you change any element of the website and also perceive how that change influences the behaviour of your customers. The exact impact of the change can be seen as some visitors will see the website in its earlier form while the new one will be available for viewing by others. This is the weapon nearly every digital marketing company in India possesses these days.

Split testing also lets you see whether the changes you make get your visitors to:

• Click where you wish them to do so
• Spend time in excess on a particular page or on the website
• Sign up to your email list & buy more stuff

Use of Split Testing

Any internet marketing agency can use split testing for all types of marketing right from pay per click ads to email campaigns. On your e-commerce site, you can test anything that could change the way your website visitors behave. It includes your design and copy as well. Here you can test some simple things such as: product descriptions and photographs, the colour of a buy button, pricing, product page layout and the design of sign up forms. More complicated things can also be tested such as the overall structure of the site, the way you categorize products, the way your search bar functions and various types of check out processes.

It’s good to tweak one thing at a time when your site is under split testing changes. The less you experiment with the site, the more you’ll know what works and what does not.

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