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Handmade Woman Necklaces With Green Agate: Care, Maintenance And Styling

Green Agate is one of those gemstones that have been revered not just for their beauty but also, their healing properties and the mystical beliefs that they are associated with. This translucent stone goes back to the ancient Egyptians who used it for their seals, decoration and for their ornaments. Today, scientific research has added to its value by revealing its qualities of hardness and its resistance to chemicals.

There are many spiritual and metaphysical properties attribute to green Agate. The very color is linked with benevolence, emotional flexibility and a sense of justice. The stone is believed to enhance the mental as well as physical well being of people who are in constant contact with it. Besides, it is often believed to encourage the traits of compassion and generosity in its patrons.

a). Taking proper care of your green Agate handmade woman necklaces - If you find your Agate has gotten a bit murky, stained or soiled, just clean it with a bit of soapy water. Use a soft brush to get rid of unwanted deposits on its surface. It is important that you stay away from anything pointy or rough because just like other gemstones, this too can be scratched easily. It is also advisable to steer clear of any household chemicals, no matter how gentle they promise to be, for the better care of your stone. Avoid exposing the necklace to direct sunlight and store it safely in a soft-lined box or wrapped up in a soft fabric.

b). Wearing your green Agate fashionably - You can pair up your necklaces with similar handmade earrings for sale and pull it off like a complete set. Ideally, if your necklace also has metallic charms that complement the stone, you can pull off a Boho look. Simply, pair it with a long and loose maxi dress that is carefree, comfortable and absolutely feminine. Or you could wear it just as well with a peasant top and layer up your attire.

c). Choosing a green Agate necklace - Usually, in case of colorful stones, less can be a lot more. One huge piece of the green Agate can be a statement jewelry rather than donning multitudes of them. While picking a necklace with charms, look for meaningful designs that do justice to the cultural significance and symbolism of the gemstone. Sweet little words etched on to mini metal plates can also fit the requirement when you can’t decide which charms to choose.

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