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Learning Foreign Languages – Scope & Future

Mankind has been around on this planet for almost two hundred thousand years but it took them awhile to invent a set of cohesive languages which can help them in communicating orally with each other. Some of the oldest known and still spoken languages on planet are approximately 2000-3000 years old only. But once our ancestors started communicating with each other, there has been no stopping in terms of languages which got created across the world. In today's context, some of the most commonly used and spoken languages are English, German, Chinese, Hindi, Latin, French Japanese, Spanish etc.

While English remains one of the most widely spoken, understood and acknowledged language across the world (mostly thanks to Imperialism), globalized economy has brought the cultures closer than ever beforetoday and induced the need for people to learn other languages in order to thrive in the competitive world. SIFIL caters to this need by offering multitude of foreign language courses in Pune which helps the budding students as well as professionals working in multi national corporations (MNC) in improvising their multi lingual capabilities. SIFIL is the only language institute in Pune which provides comprehensive classes in European languages like Spanish, German and French.

English being the universally known language borrows heavily from other languages like Latin, Spanish, German , French etc. Most of the commonly used words in English have roots in other languages. And good command over English often helps the seekers in learning a new foreign language. For example, Spanish isone of the most prominent foreign languages and it also happens to be one of the easiest languages to learn for people who have know-how of English. Because it is very similar to English in terms of syntax, grammar and words.

Similarly French comes second closest when it comes to ease of learning as it shares it syntax with English but pronunciations are unique and kind of tongue twisters. Moreover French culture which is known for its traditions and cuisine also acts as a good incentive to learn the language.

On the contrary, German language doesn’t not have too many takers as it’s spread is limited to the country of its origin primarily. Germany as a nation has developed their technological know how and expertise in many friends including Automobile over past few decades.And it is hometo some of the most well known Automobile brands like BMW and Mercedes Benz. As on today, approximately 1.8% of the global population speaks German across the globe. It has becomes a necessity forany individual to learn German ifhe/she wants to pursue education with a German university or seeking to make a career in an industry dominated by German MNCs.Historically, German populace as a whole have not shown any inclination to learn any other foreign language. Therefore it becomes mandatory to learn German for anyonewho has academic or career interest with any German company or institution. The syntax and pronunciations of German are also very complex and it takes time to develop mastery over them.

SIFIL offers classes in German, Spanish and French along Japanese language course and Chinese speaking classes in Pune. Symbiosis Institute of Foreign and Indian Languages (SIFIL) is part of renowned Symbiosis International University, Pune.


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