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Eye Care Tips for Diabetic Patients

People often ignore the fact that high level of glucose in the blood is a prominent cause of various eye problems in adults and can even lead to loss of eyesight. Diabetic patients are 25% more prone to the risk of developing eye problems than other people. Also, if the problem remains undiagnosed or untreated, it can have some serious implications such as vision loss.

Diabetes can adversely affect the eyes. The shape of the lens can be changed due to excessive glucose levels in the blood. Temporarily, it causes inflammation in the eyes and blurred vision. This problem is usually experienced by people either when they are unaware of their diabetes or the sugar level goes uncontrollably high. However, the treatment of diabetes controls the glucose level in blood and that results in reduction or disappearance of the blurriness. Hence, the use of corrective lenses should be delayed until the diagnosis/ treatment of diabetes. Diabetes can also cause the retinal blood vessels to swell up. It causes leakage of fluids which accumulates in between the retina and underlying tissues. Thus, it leads to blurred vision and weak eyesight. This particular problem is called diabetic retinopathy and is the utmost eye disease experienced by patients with diabetes.

Apart from diabetic retinopathy, if the blood glucose level remains insistently high then it can lead to various other major eye problems too such as cataract, macular degeneration, and glaucoma. However, the risk of occurrence of these problems or of vision loss can be curbed down with consistent monitoring of the sugar level, practicing habits to maintain the blood glucose level, regular eye checkups, and timely treatment. Evidently, it is extremely important to take a good care of your eyes and diabetic people being more likely at risk they need to put some extra effort in ensuring good eye health.

These efforts should include practices such as undertaking regular health checkups to test the functioning of various organs, measure cholesterol levels and ascertain blood pressure readings. If adhered to the habit of smoking – it is the best to give it up as soon as possible. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle which includes intake of proper diet and performance of enough physical activities to keep the body healthy is extremely important. It is mandatory to visit an eye care center for a thorough examination of the eyes as soon as the diabetes is diagnosed. Visiting an eye treatment hospital and consulting an eye specialist doctor only to get a top notch check of your eyes can prove out to be really helpful. Frequent examinations in case of detection of an eye problem are a must and so if to adapt to the recommended medication. At present, the top eye hospitals in India possess the up-to-date technology, experimented practices and experienced doctors. Thus, one can solely rely on them to get your problem treated in the most efficient manner.


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