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Learning How to Avoid Usage Of Crutch Words In Your Speech

As they say, ‘English is a funny language but more than that is a sponge capable of absorbing a lot all other languages. However, there is a completely and rather polluted version of this language that is changing its complete nature and appeal courtesy the mobile phone chatting and social media where everyone is sharing and speaking their own version of English mocking its very originality and beauty. This has also given raise to usage of crutch words that are capable of crippling a perfectly well-meaning sentence and lead to bad impression. Crutch words here refer to “umm, aaa, aaaw, you know, like” and others that just make their way into speech without any requirement and significance.

Crutch words are often used by those speakers that are unsure about what they want to say next. It sends a clear message that the speaker's mind is engaged into multiple thoughts at the same time and is not able to decide what exactly needs to be conveyed. The best way to overcome this issue it to be reticent and slowly developing the art of being laconic. Never forget ‘brevity is your best friend’ under such scenarios. You need to learn to speak slowly and very consciously to keep away use of fillers, learn a little more about structuring of speech and learn a few tricks about skipping the gaps in sentences. Also, you can practice rehearsals of speech which will greatly help in elimination of crutch words.

Do you ever remember your teacher speaking words like these when you were out their learning english language or grammar in school or do you remember any literate person using such expression. This is a proof in itself about how wrong and absurd is the usage of such phrases in your regular sentences. Most of the English speaking courses where they claim about giving best lessons in English languages fail to address this rapidly rising issue. Crutch words are more like fillers and are mostly unrequired words that are only used when one is incapable of expressing himself or herself in a clear and precise manner. In case of personal matters it may work, but when it comes to professional usage it is a highly forbidden subject. So, all those who aspire to become part of the corporate world or appear for Civil, Government, Defence, or international services, should learn the do’s and don’t related to these phrases. It is best to take some english speaking classes where they offer a professional level exposure to this language. There are some very prestigious institutes such as Symbiosis that even offer diploma courses in english languages where you can learn various aspects of this language and be confident about not making blunders on professional level. So make sure, you collect best lessons from the best institutes that offer english communication courses. Never forget, profound knowledge of any language only adds up to your confidence and acts as your shield under pressure and complicated situations.


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