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Studying The Defects Of Heart Repair

There are various types of heart disease which are present in the heart right from the birth. This is also called as congenital heart anatomy or congenital heart disease. There are certain symptoms and sign which depend on the specific type of problem. The symptoms varies from one individual to another individual. The symptoms are as follows rapid breathing,bluish skin,weight loss and feeling tired. These are the various completions which occur at the beginning of the problem. The problems of this kind of treatment is handled by various best heart surgeon in Mumbai.

The cause of congenital heart disease is always unknown. In certain cases this occurs due to chewing of tobacco and smoking which has a wide effect on the heart . However some are due to genetic defects also. The problems may be involved in the interior wall of the heart , the heart valves the large blood vessels which lead to and from the heart. This can only be done from the top cardiac surgeons in Mumbai.

Congenital heart defects are partly preventable through rubella vaccination, the adding of iodine to salt and the adding of folic acid to certain food products. Some defects in Heart do not need treatment. Other may be effectively treated with catheter based procedures or heart surgery. Sometimes a number of operations may be needed.

This problem can be solved by daily exercise , having hygiene food and regularly going for a walk. Also it can be solved by taking medication on time and timely consulting the doctor.

The heart disease are most common birth disease. According to a study states that there are 34.3 million people who are affected by heart disease.This problem can be solved by cardiologist in Mumbai also any queries related to the same please contact Dr. Bhaskar.


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