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Natural Ways To Relieve Lumbago Pain And Back Stiffness Effectively

When pain associates with Tingling sensation and Numbness in back is known as lumbago pain. It can be caused by many of problems with any parts of the interconnected and complex network of discs, nerves, bones, spinal muscles, tendons in lumbar spine. Lumbago pain is common complaint that affects young, old and all age ranges. This is like discomfort, mild or severe pain in the lower back area.

The lower back or lumbar region is accountable to bear a considerable amount of weight of your body and it allows a large degree of free movement at your waist. These burden and forces may be too much sometimes for body structures like tendons, ligaments, muscles and other parts that are supporting our body. Sometimes lower back pain may be caused by mechanical problems in muscles and joints in lower back. Sometimes wear and tear' or degeneration of joints can cause lumbago.

Lumbago can be classified as chronic or acute; it depends on how long symptoms hang out. Acute lumbago generally lasts less than 6 weeks, Sub acute lumbago lasts 6 weeks to 3 months, chronic lumbago lasts 3 to 4 months.

Symptoms of lumbago include fever, pain, depression, inflammation and swelling of back, blood in urine and much more. There are some simple ways to deal with the problem including:

1. Be careful while lifting heavy weight
2. Improve your posture while standing or sitting
3. Reduce the stress
4. Don't include acid forming food in your diet
5. Don't carry excess weight
6. Regular exercise
7. Swimming
8. Walking.

Some foods are not good for your heath and enhance discomfort and inflammation in body. You should include some food in your diet that can relieve and reduce pain. There are several natural ways to relieve lumbago pain and relieve back stiffness.

Orthoxil Plus capsules: You may have tried lots of ways to get rid of LBP, but Ayurvedic remedies can work best. Herbal supplements like Orthoxil Plus capsules for LBP can prove helpful and extremely beneficial in reducing pain and inflammation. This is a perfect herbal supplement that satisfies all your requirements to deal with LBP. It comes with lots of features like 100% safe, pure and natural formula, brings no side effects, helps attain maximum joint performance, promote circulation in body, and reduce joint redness and swelling, anti inflammatory qualities and much more. You can take 1 to 2 capsules in a day to get desired result within 3 to 4 months.

Orthoxil Plus oil: It is also an important herbal product that helps get rid of LBP (lower back pain). You just need to take few drops of this oil to massage the affected area gently before bedtime. It is also designed with 100% safe and natural formula. This is wonderful ayurvedic massage oil for ache and back pain. It roots out the problem in zero side-effects. It only consists of natural ingredients that actually work. So try these natural ways to relieve lumbago pain and back stiffness effectively.

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